Trump or Biden, The Pros And Cons.

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Before I start my article, I just want to mention that I will not be expressing my political view at all, so don't take offence by anything I say.

In a republicans point of view, there is nothing good about Biden and in a democrats point of view, there is nothing good about Trump and some children might just be following their parents political belief or saying they don’t like one of the candidates but not fully knowing why, but in this article I will showing you both candidates pros and cons that you might want to consider when choosing who you support even if you don't live in the U.S.


Pro: Donald Trump has been a businessman for his entire life and that could be what America needs. It is a country that is 19 Trillion dollars in debt and there has not been a president or even a person who had been able to pay it back or publically expressed that they could. America could just need a President who had experience in business. The national debt is something that both candidates in both political parties are having to include in their presidential campain promises. Trump has a good chance to fix the national debt -or at least help it decrease- meaning out of the remaining candidates, he has the most chance of fixing it.

Con: He doesn't have a steady opinion. For instance, he wanted soldiers commit War crimes, someone that cares so much about the military shouldn't want that -as he has publically expressed how much he cares for it. Trump has also flip-floped on issues like immigration, drugs and abortion. Another thing he has flip-flopped on is what political party he supports because in the past he has funded Hillary Clinton while supporting the democrats, then switched to republicans. Who knows whether he will change is mind again when desiding an outcome to an important issue while in the White House?


Pro: Joe Biden has had a lot of experience and a very long career in the government as he was the vice president to Barack Obama from 2008 to 2016, this means that he will be able to understand the government policies, services and formation better than Donald Trump. He is reliable because of the knowledge and experience he possesses. Some of the many things he has done in his 40 years in the government are: Job Creation Act of 2010, Tax Relief, and Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization.

Con: While Joe Biden’s career has had many highlights, it also has controversies that shouldn't be overlooked. Biden had agreed and supported Senator Robert Byrd in not using the funds to help students reach schools nearest to them. He had also supported the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq.

I hope this artical has helped you understand and know a bit more about both men and now know about there pros and cons. I could include more pros and cons so if you would like to know more aabout either Trump or Biden, you can just ask me in the comments.

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