Trump vs Biden second debate: what did you think?

We've updated this page after Donald Trump and Joe Biden's second debate on 22nd October. We've kept the news of the first debate below, so you can scroll down and compare.

What happened in the second debate?

President Trump and Joe Biden clashed on how to handle the coronavirus, improving race-relations, as well as trading a few insults in the second and final debate.

It was not quite as chaotic as the first, with a better behaviour on show from both candidates (especially Mr Trump after being criticised for interrupting in the first debate). Watch the highlights below!

What happened in the first debate?

On Tuesday evening, Donald Trump and Joe Biden faced each other in the first of two presidential debates.

Debates are a tradition in the race for president. They are a chance for the candidates to communicate their ideas and policies to a wide audience of watching Americans. They often command very high viewing figures, although evidence suggests they generally do not make a big difference to how people vote.

This debate was certainly feisty, with lots of interruptions and name-calling. The moderator, Chris Wallace, had to jump in several times to tell Donald Trump to stop interrupting Joe Biden.

What was the reaction?

The BBC's Anthony Zurcher said it was the "political equivalent of a food fight".

Some people felt Joe Biden came out on top:

The Guardian's David Smith said "Donald Trump ensured Tuesday’s first US presidential debate was the worst in American history, a national humiliation.... Facing this asymmetric bullying, Biden showed self-control and stood his ground."

MSNBC's Joy Reid described Donald Trump as "an angry autocrat who's desperate to hang on to power."

Others suggested Donald Trump gave the better performance:

In The Telegraph, Rosa Prince said: Mr Trump debated as he has governed: with an unshakeable confidence… the Democratic candidate floundered where almost any of his former rivals for the nomination would have flourished."

David Bossie of Fox News said: "The president gave a commanding performance… Biden still has no answer about why he failed to accomplish in 47 years what President Trump has delivered for the American people in just 47 month"

What do you think?

Watch the clips above. You can also watch the full debates by searching for you on Youtube.

  • What do you think about the way the candidates handled themselves in the debates?
  • Do you think either candidate managed to win the votes of undecided voters?
  • Speaking and listening are two really important skills in the BNC. Do you think either candidate showed good speaking and listening? How could good speaking and listening have helped the debate?

Add your thoughts in the comments and remember to give your reasons for your opinion.

Comments (195)

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  • My class watched it this morning

  • This and my class laugh 😂 a lot because how much they where arguing

  • I think Donald Trump is just wants to keep all the power of president. HOW SELFISH >:(

  • I think they were both very rude to each other as they said mean things with no proof

  • Will they just stop arguing 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️

  • How long do they argue for, all day basically duh 😒 👌there alryious 😂🤣

  • This made me and my class laugh 😂 because of how much they arguing

  • I think they were both very rude and mean to each other although they both said they would need each other to get smarter in the current situation. Plus it said they were shutting each other down.

  • It was hilarious! I was suggested to watch it by my classmates on the BNC. And personally, I don't believe any candidate showed any respect for each-other or listened to each-other. Instead they just went on with their insults!

  • I would vote for Joe Biden because Trump is being very rude and leaving the current crisis at hand alone.hundreds of thousands are dying under Trumps control.

  • They hate each other.Also that video made me laugh.

  • i really hope joe wins i watched the whole thing and seeing it that has given me a boost and i think joe is better

  • They are setting poor examples for people with their bickering and arguing.

  • they hate each other because they are interrupting each other and being rude

  • If they keep this America will have big problems.

  • I think this is a good idea I like the sound of Joe Biden because I really think Donald trump has a bad influence

  • For me I think I would choose Joe Biden because he cares for climate change and is raising money for university personally he makes better decisions than Donald Trump

  • I think Biden is better because Donald trump hasn't got good ideas.

  • I think Donald trump is more chaotic then Joe Biden. Why does he want to stop people going from Mexico to America? People won't be able to visit family and have a better life.

  • I think Joe Biden should be ellected because Donald trump is mean,racist, and has horrible ideas. I just think he is a comedian because he has bad ideas .where as Joe Biden is older,more educated he even was educated for law. well that was what I heard

  • I think joe Biden because joe Biden will help America more

  • Trump is defiant during the debate and gives Biden no time to speak, even during Biden's turn. He even argues with the presenter. He cannot be trusted.

  • i want joe biden to be America's new president because he will be better at doing the right thing and not ban tiktok :'(

  • i would choose Joe Biden but after what happened with Tiktok The amount of people that like Tiktok OMG i also feel like people do not like trump he will loose but you can't guess

  • I think both were being unreliable because of the interrupting of the presenter, who needed to calm both of them.

  • I believe that both of them should not interrupt each other - the host even had to stop them numerous times. They should let each other speak and not make insulting comments about each other. The debate was very heated. I think that Joe Biden should become president as Donald Trump always puts the blame on somebody else and makes himself seem amazing. Trump would not condemn white supremacists. This I think is very bad because these people are racist. Biden is offering to give lots of equipment to help the battle against Covid-19 , whereas Trump is giving fake news such as that they are weeks away from the vaccine when it normally takes years to make one. Trump tells Biden that he did terribly during swine flu, but in the end of swine flu, less people died than during the Covid pandemic. A Trump supporter may think differently because they may think that Trump handled the pandemic well, so would think that Biden is lying.

  • why were they really Rude To EAch other, well they were talking about people dieing at the 1st time

  • I think Donald trump should not be presodent because he says no taxes and the others dood says more taxes so if we had no taxes it would be cayotic right?

  • If I'm honest I think trump has some good interest but.., I don't believe in his ways. So I hope Biden wins

  • Because I don't think trump could be president (because he has covid-19

  • I think Biden should win because trump plays dirty he isn't the best of people he's offensive but he has ideas but most of them are very strange! Biden should win in return

  • Now because trump has the virus he probably will not be elected for president so that he doesn't put people in danger when he has his interviews also that the virus doesn't spread but that's what I think

  • Sometimes they would argue and interrupt each other it's not right they should get good ideas that will change America forever and make their home BRILLIANT America is an amazing country Trump has made it well a bit worse so Biden maybe should win but his ideas need to be better!

  • I think Joe Biden should win the election because he wants to help education and that is important for young people. I don't like Donald Trump or Joe Biden but I don't think that they should interrupt each other as that is rude.

  • Watching this video both of them are really immature and not setting a good example at all I don't t really think that either of them schould be president because it's not about him who is the most popular it's about how you listen to other people's ideas and take their points into consideration which is not what they are doing.

  • They said some very unkind and irrisponsible words. These were words you do not really want to say when you are president. At the start I wanted Joe Biden to win because I thought he would get the job done, but after that big debate, I am not too bothered who wins now.

  • OMG they were just acting like baby's why can't they just be nice to each other.

  • Who here thinks that Biden should win

  • I think that they were both acting like children, while I understand they are competing if I was an 18 year old American I wouldn’t vote for two people who block out the country they are competing for and insult each other like immature children.

  • Not once did one of them think to be the bigger person.

  • i think that both of them were really rude to eachother without them nowing eachother propally i want that Joe Biden wins

  • Boo Hoo Donald Trump your going down by a more smarter, kinder person named Joe Biden. No one ever liked you and your selfish lies Donald the liar. Joe Biden I know you will be president and will not make any lies. Joe Biden, Joe Biden, Joe Biden !!!!!

  • I believe that Donald Trump was being disrespectful to Joe Biden, as Biden made some good points, and Trump had nothing to come back with, so he lashed out. In general, I would say this is not the best strategy for winning the election.
    I would like Joe Biden to win the election as he has made some good points, and does not go back on himself as Donald Trump did when he was elected:
    He said that he would reopen coal mines, but despite this promise, the coal mines shut after he was elected President.
    In my opinion, I would say this is not the kind of person Americans want as their President.

  • Joe Biden and Donald Trump really have a massive problem between them and I think that none of them are being smart here, no matter what. They don't have peace between them at all and even if I am not from America , I strongly agree that America is in great trouble now as the two gentleman are seriously not working fairly to sort this issue out. They can say what they say but they will never get near to anything as soon as possible! Their debate was clearly not nice!!!!!!!!

  • I agree with you unique_tangerine, they were indeed acting like children during their debate.

  • Why on earth are they fighting? It just makes them look bad. By watching this it doesn’t make me want either of them to be president. They didn't even hear the question asker because they were so loud, that just makes me feel sorry for the question asker.

  • I think they should vote because Donald trump isn't really following the rules like everyone mostly but hes saying to people that they don't have to social distance or wear a mask cause he think the masks.

    Thanks for reading my comment BHC

  • I hope Joe Biden will win because it would mean Donald Trump gets 8 years of being president and so it would give someone else a chance to rule America and see if he can do a better job.

  • I want Joe Biden to win as he has said that he will make clear energy to help the fight in climate changeAlso he has already worked as a former vice president for Barrack Obama he also graduated from Syracuse with a law degree in 1968(52 years ago) ranked 76th in a school of 85.

  • I don't think any politician can ever be totally trusted and political debates are always heated. I don't actually think that Trump did lose his temper, he just fought fire with fire. My opinion is that neither candidate is perfect!

  • I know right joe Biden may not be rich but he will be better

  • I hope Biden wins!!😊😊

  • I would vote for Joe Biden because I think he is a better leader and he would show is love more than Donald Trump,but sadly I can’t vote because I’m not in America and im not 18 like people are saying (only vote if only over 18)I think Donald Trump is a bad “wader because he is being bad for his country and he is stopping us from doing things (in America)like, stopping basketball 🏀 players for playing, and he wants to stop ✋ apps that there is a lot of people on.I think 💭 he doesn’t really care he just want the money 💰 and the votes 🗳 because he want to be rich and if he gets Crona(like he has) he can pay for them to help him.

  • Biden because trump has got NO GOOD ideas and he is offensive in lots of ways I do not want to say but for example Racism :(

  • This is my view, hope you consider.

    After watching the full debate, I am going to review it and give an unbiased opinion on how I think the debate worked out. The first thing that I noticed from the start is that both candidates were constantly interrupting each other although Trump definitely was speaking over Biden and Chris Wallace (the moderator for the debate). Also under certain circumstances, Donald Trump said somethings that could be considered politically incorrect or even slightly racist. One of these times was when Chris Wallace asked Trump if he had heard of the far-right extremist group ‘The Proud Boys’ after they killed some people in Wisconsin and he said for them to stand back and stand by. This would be OK if it wasn’t for this organization to believe in white supremacy, which means in effect, Trump was refusing to condemn white supremacy. Wallace also said in response to all of the interruptions Gentlemen, “I hate to raise my voice but why should I be different from the two of you.” Something Biden said was “You are the worst president America has ever had.” This was said when they were talking about the recent investigation by The New York Times about Trump's federal tax returns. This investigation revealed that Trump hadn’t paid a single dollar of tax in the 10 to 15 years before his presidency and in his first two years in office, he only paid 750 dollars. Trump then said that he has paid 1 million dollars in taxes then Biden replied by saying he should release his tax returns, Trump then said he would ‘soon’ prompting Biden to say his ‘worst president ever’ remark. The last quote I want to mention is Trump's quote on insulin prices, the quote was “ I’m getting it so cheap, it’s like water if you want to know the truth.” This is Trump saying that one of his achievements is the price dropping on insulin. He also vowed at one point that insulin prices will drop by 70 % to 80 %. This was quickly debunked on twitter by people releasing there pharmacy bills where they have been paying up to 1500 dollars on just insulin. He was saying this when he was being challenged about if he had a plan on healthcare. Insulin is still the sixth most expensive liquid in the United States. The only similarity it has to water is that humans would die without it. Insulin does more than just save lives because it is so expensive and lives to save, people have been skipping their rent and other important bills to keep buying it, therefore also making the crime rates in poorer areas rise. You would think that because it is so important, the American government would make it easier for at least the people who can’t afford it without committing some sort of crime. In conclusion, in the debate, many outrageous and downright wrong comments have been made. It reminded me less of a controlled political debate and more of a zoo where all the animals had broken out.

    Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it.

  • I would vote for Biden because, partly Trump hasn't done anything to help the country he has only made it worst by being racist even thought him saying himself " black lives matter." He has also got this wall keeping Muslins away from America while Joe Biden plans on knocking down the wall.

  • I think this is cool because people can vote trump or Biden to be presedant of America 🤔

  • I fink Biden shud be president but sume people won't Doneld trump as preseden.

  • I thinks it’s cool we can vote because you can use you opinion and whoever you have been loving to be president, today is you chance that you can vote that person who you really like and who you believe in.So I believer in Joe Biden because she doesn’t want to build a wall between Mexico and America but Donald Trump WANTS TO build the wall between Mexico and America and he wants argues and strick rulls happening there.Joe Biden wants the schools to keep happening and wants to teachers to work harder but Donald Trumps wants to stop school and only let the university happen.I think Joe Biden is better because Donald trump wants school to stop but when you are in university how can will you knwo what things mean because school helps you a lot and it helps you to learn when you get older (and smarter.But that would be nice if we didn’t have to go to school, haha).Joe Biden is Better for me and it’s my opinion.What do you think, do you vote for Joe Biden or Donald Trump?Your opinion
    Thanks for reading

  • Hello I am loyal_cymbals and I'm going to be talking about who I would vote for and whether I think either of them deserve to be president.
    Who I would vote for?
    I would vote for Joe Biden because he hpas a lot of ideas for America and I think they are good.
    Joe Biden wants to pay teachers more and help schools buy new recourses. Has $750 billion plan to improve higher education and make it more affordable. He also wants to make university free for some students.
    Donald Trump wants to make the government stay out of the education department so each state can make their own decisions. Will continue to make financial support easier to acces for students so more of them can afford university.

    Joe Biden wants to create jobs in manafacturing and technology. Wants people to 'buy American' and plans to raise taxes to boost the economy.
    Donald Trump wants more products to be made in America and plans to cut taxes to boost the economy.

    Climate Change
    Joe Biden wants $2 trillion dollars to be spent over 4 years to achieve 100% clean electricity by 2035. Supports research in nuclear energy.
    Climate Change
    Donald Trump does not have a policy for climate change and wants to cut down rules for energy suppliers. Supports research in nuclear energy.

    Joe Biden wants to stop building the wall between America and Mexico and want to stop the ban on people travelling to America who come from a country where most people are Muslim.
    Donald Trump wants to carry on building the wall between America and Mexico and wants to maintain the rule where people who live in countries where most people are Muslim the can't travel to America.

    Do either deserv it?
    I don't think either of them deserve it because on the 30th of September they had a meeting.
    In the meeting Joe Biden said that Donald Trump had been "the worst president they've ever had." Even though I said that I would vote for Joe Biden him saying that doesn't really show me much maturity.
    thank you for reading loyal_cymbals

  • I think that Joe Biden should win because he cares more about the people and Donald Trump is more interested in power and money

  • I have a different reason why I want Joe Biden not Trump,
    because I think Joes reasons are fair and most people would agree with me but Trump he is doing the bad things that I don’t really want.I don’t think he cares about about the people only money and his wife because without money you can’t really be rich and it would be cool to be rich and have all the money you wished,but one day the money would finish and you want more but because you finished the money you can’t bye more money with money.
    I also think Donald Trump doesn’t like the people in Mexico because he wants to make a wall in between Mexico and America and he is in America so he wants his country to be safe (in a way)bye making a wall.I think if Joe Biden didn’t even like anyone in in Mexico he still didn’t want a wall because I want to go to America to look around and if I wanted to look around Mexico I would be able to go because of the wall he wants to make (Donald Trump).
    Joe Biden wants to help school and teacher but Donald Trump wants to STOP SCHOOL ANS JUST UNIVERSITY TO HAPPEN. So how would we know somthing for school.But beacuase I always say it oppinions Donald Trump made his opinions to ,how he wants America to be like ,Thanks for reading,

  • I have lots of reasons, so that’s why I’m making a lot of comments and tranna a get stars

  • I think that they both were being like a little kids .They should have just no been mean to each other

  • what i think about the debate is that Joe Biden is such a great leader as he has supported campaign finance reform including 1994 violent crime control and law enforcement act. he has also offered that if he is elected that he will lower tax credits for student to help them have an education without having to worry about financial difficulties

  • If I was able to vote,i would vote Biden becuase trump has a bad past and Biden believes in climat change and some other stuff and trump doesn't

  • I think it's cool because they are both presendant and what I want to let joe briden to win because he is nice and not mean and not shouting trump shouts loud and sometimes be nice but sometimes mean to people. Nice post :)

  • People think that he is not very rich because Donald trump is worth 13million and I'm a big fan of you xxx

  • Biden I think

  • I think Biden should win

  • I think that Biden should win because at least he is better than Trump!

  • as he what's more schools more energy

  • I hope biden but it’s possible for trump because not everyone dislikes trump

  • I don't think that building a wall is a great idea

  • Possibly, many people vote Trump because of his fluent and easily explained speeches. Some people can't understand complicated words in other speeches. They equally have a chance of getting in.

  • Thank you for beefing safe

  • I vote donald trump because he is the president all ready

  • Many people voted for Donal Trump and the same for Joe Biden but for me I would like to vote for Joe Biden because I think that he would be a GOOOOD! president because he is good with doing rules like wearing face masks and staying 2 meters away from each other and always hand sanitiz when u touch other people's stuff who isn't in your family

  • I think that Mr Biden should win because he is planning to stop building the wall and will invest the materials in money but he’s going to give it to charity.But he is going to stop immigration.

  • They both acted immature and unnecessary with the childish name calling or about who came last or top in college it is about facing America’s problems I think that America has got a very hard decision to make

  • I think that the wall is a bad idea and let anyone even if there Muslim enter America.

  • I think joe Biden should win because he is probably going to help America more than trump and I gust think that he would a better president than trump

  • I think it's cool because trump and joe briden is cool I would vote for joe briden but I don't know. U can vote who ever u want true or joe briden.nice post tom😃

  • I hope hope hope Joe Biden wins!

  • Hello BNC supervisors who do you all think should win and why?
    I’m just asking to what is in your perspective

  • Hi I think Biden should be president because trump has promised all these thing and still not give them s

  • I think it's cool because people can vote trump or Biden to be the precedent bride should be the president because he is nice to People.trump is not nice and he shouts everywhere well not everywhere only when he is talking to someone. I would vote bride because I think he is nice and helpful to people and kind but u can vote engine trump or briden ur choices. Trump is sometimes nice not all the time but I would not vote for trump because he can be mean and he can be sometimes nice to people only people who be not nice to him.

  • I think it's cool to be the presedent of America because you wood be the man or woman in America.

  • In my opinion, after the debate it made me feel a little less confident about who would win and why. I now think that Biden and Trump both aren't hat worthy of the job. However, if one was to win I would select Biden, who in my opinion is the more mature of the two. After the debate a lot of people will probably feel a little stung and embarrassed, after their leader's way of demonstrating who they can be. I think that in the election, this debate would give America far from being the most powerful place in the world. Despite this, there are still some ,although a little insignificant, reasons to vote for them in the debate. They both held their view firmly, although tightly, but still a little confident. They also maintained quite some courage, to speak up against each other. However, this is probably a skill that would require you to becoming president or Vice-president. If they didn't argue too much, and the moderator had the power to stop them speaking when time is up, then the system would be much better. There are still some things for improvement for the candidates. These are things such as the below:
    • Open-mindedness;
    • Fair manners:
    • Courteousness:
    • Responsibility.
    I think that these would be very useful in a debate, as they all demonstrate some act of maturity. In contrast, this debate was filled with a lot of puerility and selfishness. Thank you.

  • Wow I never realised they would fight like that though it's no surprise to me that Donald trump is rude

  • They are so rude to each other but I have to say Biden makes a point that America is getting more violent because trump doesn't stop throwing that rudeness

  • I think that the debate was not that much about running the election,Biden and trump were just insulting each other,
    Just because they don’t like each other doesn’t mean that they have to insult each other
    These are the Rules that should be made for any election
    1.DONT insult,
    2.BE very polite as the other person has feelings too,
    3.UNDERSTAND that your not the only one that wants to elect for president,
    4.DO NOT talk over each other as that is breaking rule number 2,
    5.And lastly,DO NOT think your the only one who is important,
    Thank you for reading this :)

  • At this point, I don't want any of them to deserve to be president imagine all the young people wanting to be important in life and they see this. This way we have to good and learn at a small age to be a good adult you need to be a good child if you want to be a good listener none of these people are good listener they should learn because if one of them becomes president then they are going to have to listen to the whole nation.

  • I genuinely think Biden deserves to win the votes as he is thinking more environmental and is doing more for America and Trump is trying to build a wall/border between Mexico and America

  • I think Joe Buden should win bcs Trump has been saying fake news him self!Which is really shocking if you ask me.

  • this made me laugh a lot because there just insulting eachother

  • I think there arguing to much >:(

  • This election is crazy people say trump is behaving badly but I think there both as bad as each other , i don’t know if anybody else thinks this but this is my opinion . What do you think about this Olivia?

  • Why do they argue so much 🤨

  • I like Biden but he wants to take down the wall which will lead Mexico to war which in my opinion is unfair for mexico so im in the middle of Trump and Biden.

  • Eager_reflection here,
    Here's what I think about this debate. I'll also answer the questions above.
    This debate was much more civilised than the previous presidential debate but still with interruptions. The part I found most interesting was about racism. Donald Trump said that he was the 'least racist person in the room' and 'Nobody has done more for the black community than Donald Trump … with the exception of Abraham Lincoln, possible exception, but with the exception of Abraham Lincoln, nobody has done what I've done.' Joe Biden came back saying that Donald Trump was ‘one of the most racist presidents we’ve had in modern history.' He also spread the fake news that the former vice president had referred to black men as ‘super predators,' according to the Metro. He described the Black Lives Matter movement as a symbol of hate, and shared a video of a man chanting 'white power.' This, I think, is not something a president should do. He acted irresponsibly and personally think that he lied about him being the least racist person in the room, as in the previous debate, did not condemn white supremacists.

    1. What do you think about the way the candidates handled themselves in the debates?
    I think that the candidates did not handle themselves well in the first debate, getting carried away in answering back. They also argued much more than usual debates and I don't think either of them were entirely truthful. I think that in the second debate, Trump was the more confident one, with the louder voice and he knew how to tackle each question and come back with an answer to what Joe Biden says. Maybe not all his answers were truthful, but he still knew how to respond. Joe Biden on the other hand, wasn't as bold and made a few errors, such as calling North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un a 'thug.' However, I think that Biden's positive approach in his final statement wins against Trump's forceful but negative tone in his final statement. Subsequently, I think that Trump has won this battle, but Biden has won the war.

    2. Do you think either candidate managed to win the votes of undecided voters?
    I think that Trump managed to win most of the votes of undecided voters because, as I said before, he performed better. Biden would still have won some of the votes because of his inspirational final statement, saying, 'I’m an American president. I represent all of you. Whether you voted for me or against me, I’m going to make sure you’re represented. I’m going to give you hope.' I think this inspires me because it shows that Biden cares for the whole country, even those who voted against him.

    3. Speaking and listening are two really important skills in the BNC. Do you think either candidate showed good speaking and listening? How could good speaking and listening have helped the debate?
    I think that both candidates showed good speaking and listening, because they had to carefully word what they say so it makes a positive impact on those watching. They showed good listening because they had to create something to say just by listening to what the other candidate had to say.
    Thank you for reading my comment.

  • please look at my post truth, facts and transparency search lyons hall primary school

  • In my opinion, this debate was better than the first one, but they still said some unopropriate things to each other. Even after this debate, I am still not quite sure who I like better.

  • I don't think that Trump should disrespect Joe Biden because he wants to win the election. Also I want joe Biden to win the election because trump has been sending a lot of mean comments about other people.

  • I think what the candidates did wrong, this goes with all politicians as well, is they don't focus on what they plan to do in the future but what the other person has done wrong. For a example, Donald Trump spoke about what Joe Biden had done all wrong in Swine Flu, whilst Joe Biden complained about what trades Donald Trump had done with China. This will continue to make it hard for undecided voters as they don't know what the candidate took from that experience of Swine Flu/Trade Deals or what they will do to make it better later.

  • I don't think that Trump should disrespect Joe Biden because he wants to win the election. Also I want joe Biden to win the election because trump has been sending a lot of mean comments about other people.

    I don't think that Trump should disrespect Joe Biden because he wants to win the election. Also I want joe Biden to win the election because trump has been sending a lot of mean comments about other people.

  • those videos were funny