Trump vs Biden second debate: what did you think?

We've updated this page after Donald Trump and Joe Biden's second debate on 22nd October. We've kept the news of the first debate below, so you can scroll down and compare.

What happened in the second debate?

President Trump and Joe Biden clashed on how to handle the coronavirus, improving race-relations, as well as trading a few insults in the second and final debate.

It was not quite as chaotic as the first, with a better behaviour on show from both candidates (especially Mr Trump after being criticised for interrupting in the first debate). Watch the highlights below!

What happened in the first debate?

On Tuesday evening, Donald Trump and Joe Biden faced each other in the first of two presidential debates.

Debates are a tradition in the race for president. They are a chance for the candidates to communicate their ideas and policies to a wide audience of watching Americans. They often command very high viewing figures, although evidence suggests they generally do not make a big difference to how people vote.

This debate was certainly feisty, with lots of interruptions and name-calling. The moderator, Chris Wallace, had to jump in several times to tell Donald Trump to stop interrupting Joe Biden.

What was the reaction?

The BBC's Anthony Zurcher said it was the "political equivalent of a food fight".

Some people felt Joe Biden came out on top:

The Guardian's David Smith said "Donald Trump ensured Tuesday’s first US presidential debate was the worst in American history, a national humiliation.... Facing this asymmetric bullying, Biden showed self-control and stood his ground."

MSNBC's Joy Reid described Donald Trump as "an angry autocrat who's desperate to hang on to power."

Others suggested Donald Trump gave the better performance:

In The Telegraph, Rosa Prince said: Mr Trump debated as he has governed: with an unshakeable confidence… the Democratic candidate floundered where almost any of his former rivals for the nomination would have flourished."

David Bossie of Fox News said: "The president gave a commanding performance… Biden still has no answer about why he failed to accomplish in 47 years what President Trump has delivered for the American people in just 47 month"

What do you think?

Watch the clips above. You can also watch the full debates by searching for you on Youtube.

  • What do you think about the way the candidates handled themselves in the debates?
  • Do you think either candidate managed to win the votes of undecided voters?
  • Speaking and listening are two really important skills in the BNC. Do you think either candidate showed good speaking and listening? How could good speaking and listening have helped the debate?

Add your thoughts in the comments and remember to give your reasons for your opinion.

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