United States of America`s Election

This November 3rd 2020 the election in the United States of America will be happening.

Donald Trump has a chance of being president again because as we all know that you can only be president twice (8 years max).

In my opinion, I would say that Donald has no chance of being president again because when he got selected as being prsident he said "I will make America better" but instead he made it worst .

I think it`s time for US of America to have a new and a way better president this time.

Joe Biden is in the lead for becoming president so far. He has a score of 51% were as Donald has a score of 43%.

Usually in the US of America,they vote for the person who is on the Republican side but this time since Donald is on that side I think people will have to vote for the demotcrat side !

Even though Donald is a very rich man, he will never ever make good choices.

Donald is very racism to other people and doesn`t like black people.

I bet you that Donald could have been such a respectful man but now he is like this he will always have this habbit and won`t stop it!

I wouldn`t say that Joe Biden is the best but he is way better than Donald Trump.

Joe Biden sometimes makes bad decisions but his attitued is much much better!!!!!

To me it`s like when you have to choose which lolly pop I want to eat because I remember when I was younger I had two lolly pops but I oved both of them and I didn`t know which one to choose so what I did was ate the one I didn`t really like so then next time I could have the better one.

I bet you have had that situation before one in your life. I have many times!

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