What changes would you make if you had the power to change the American Election System?

You may feel like not all of the rules in the American Election system are fair (I know I do), but what if you had the power to change ONE of those rules!

Personally, I would change the electoral points of different states. For example, Montana is only worth 3 electoral points, whereas, Texas is worth 38 electoral points. In Montana, most people think that it is not worth voting at all as their votes won't matter, because there is less people living there and they know that their vote won't change anything. montana is part of a safe state and that means that they can only vote for the republican side., whereas a swing state will be the side that the people running will want to get on their side as they can vote for anyone they want. If I could change two things, I would change the voting system so that the electoral votes will be worth just as much as the votes. I think that the electoral votes should be split fairly between the people running for president. For example, If Joe Biden had 60% and Donald Trump had 40% of the votes, Joe Biden should have 60% of the electoral points and Donald Trump should have 40% of them. That's what I think is fair.

Thank you for your time. Tell me what you would do!!!

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