What I look for in a good president

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When voting it is important that you vote for the right person and who you want. So here is what I would look for in a good president.


In a president I would want them to be fair. I would want a president to put in rules that people of a certain culture, belief, colour or gender aren't allowed to do something.


I would want a president to be respectful, I wouldn't want them to get a big head because they are president and they are very important. I would also look at how the talk to their aponant in debates and see whether they are polite or start to be rude.

Good ideas

I would want them to have good ideas about climate and education for example, like saying that cereals should be sold in plastic boxes so then you can just go back to the shop when you run out and refill it. For schools they could put money towards schools buying new resources to help children with learning.


A president needs to be a good listener so they can listen to other people's ideas. If they don't somebody could have a good idea but they haven't listened so they have missed out on something to change that could have benifited the country by a lot.

Thank you for reading and comment what you would look for in a president.


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