What is trump doing now that he has caught the virus and will it affected us??

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A few days ago, Formal president Trump had tested positive for coronavirus, which some people believe is very sad. Unfortunately he has been quite ill and had to go to hospital for a few day but now his doctor is saying he recovering very speedily but his oxygen levels were low at some point but have now got better!!

As some people already know, In one of Trump Speech he did he said "face mask are not really doing the job for coronavirus and are not really relevant."

Some people are very lucky that they have gotten away with not wearing a face mask!!! But the thing that concerns me is that when he said that,face mask aren't really relevant he meant it - but now that he has caught coronavirus he is know wearing a mask which really question me and say, is Trump not even listening to his own rules he making? Is he lieing?

Mabye he could, mabye he couldn't.

All I'm saying is this is what I think of Trump and is he doing a good job protecting America and himslef???.

Overall, I don't think it will affect the Citizens of America because now that Trump has caught the virus he will now how it feel and he will now how to run the country well and hopeful makes America great before there election!

Just hoping Donald Trump recovers and I think he will be discharged some time this week hopefully!

Thank you for reading my post.

If you have any questions or Opinion pls feel free to drop it in the comment and I'm be ver happy to read all your brilliant opinion and know more about the American election.

Thank you for reading

Have a nice day


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