What may happen due to Trump contracting the virus?

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On 2nd October, 2020, the American president, Donald Trump, tested positive for the COVID-19 and contracted 'mild' symptoms of the virus. The First Lady, Melania Trump also contracted the virus. His top aide, Hope Hicks tested positive earlier, so it is highly likely that he got the virus from her. This is big news for the election because it will affect it massively. Let's look at the consequences.

What will happen to the next two debates?

Trump and Biden have already battled once before in the debate on Tuesday the 29th of September, but what do you think will happen to the other two? The next debate is scheduled for October 15th, so do you think Trump will join virtually, when the advice is to isolate for 14 days? During the first debate, he mocked Joe Biden for wearing a mask. He said 'He could be speaking two hundred feet away from me and he shows up with the biggest mask I've ever seen.' What do you think of this?

What will happen to the election?

It is only 32 days till the election and people may change their minds about Trump. This is because at the beginning, when the first outbreaks appeared in the US, Trump played down the disease and said it would just go away, not taking it seriously. A few days after the debate, he contracts the virus. Trump supporters thought that Trump handled the virus very well, but now even he contracted it, which may make them not trust him with his judgement.

What is happening to Trump now?

Trump is currently in self-isolation, but is still determined to get his work done, with his advisors saying that he is working very hard. When he contracted the virus, I thought that there would be very different consequences than when the british Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. Lots of people felt sympathy for Boris, with more people having trust for him for a short amount of time, according to the BBC, whereas Trump, a few days ago, said that America 'had turned a corner' just before he got the virus, where people may think that it is slighlty ironic, so not trust him. What do you think about this? What do you think that Trump and Biden will do next?

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