What should you do if you dislike both candidates

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What should you do if you dislike both candidates

Sometimes you do not like both of the options. Not just for the American election but for other things as well. You may dislike both, but one of them you may like just a little bit more. If, you came across this situation, what should you do? Do you vote or not?

You should vote for the one you like more

One option is to vote for the one you like more. Would you do this? Even though you may dislike boh of the candidates there might be one policy that you like more for example education, climate change or the economy this might help you pick which one you like more. Should you pick the one you like more or should you just not vote at all. If you do vote and you get the president that you like a little more in the end you still will not be happy since you still don't like the person. So in the end you still would not be pleased with whoever wins the election. So is there a point of even voting since you will never be happy?

You shouldn't vote for either

Another thing you could do is not vote at all. However, if you do not vote and the president has been picked can you be upset really since it was your fault for letting the other people decide and not trying to make a point? You had the choice to vote but, if you do not and the president picked is not who you prefer, you can be dissapointed, but as it was your choice not to vote you can not really do much about it. However, if you do this you are on the safe side as you don't have to worry about who you want to support winning or losing as you don't mind or don't like both. Also you do not have to worry about arguments of people wanting different president.

So what would you do, vote or not? Would you let other people decide or also try and have a say on who you want to win the election?

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