What will Biden promise for the future of America if he is elected?

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Joe Biden is representing the Demmocratic party for the 2020 presidential election. In 2009 - 2017 he served as Barack Obama's Vice President, he is aiming to build up Obama's legacy and unite the country in the challenging times that everyone is facing.

A little bit about him:

. Biden is currently 77 years old

. Born in Scranton and he lives in Wilmington (USA)

. He was the 47th Vice president of the United States

Bidens goals, if he is elected, are very different from Donald Trumps. Rather than trump wanting there to be more factories in the USA completely ignoring climate change which he calls an "expensive hoax", Joe is aiming to spend 2 trillion dollars on helping resolve global warming by a number of things. This includes rejucing fossil fuel emissions, using clean energy and a countless amount of things.

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