Who should win Donald Trump or Joe Biden?

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In America, there is two contestants going for the power. Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Here are there policies...

Joe Biden.


Joe Biden is willing to rise the salary to teachers in America and also says how he is happy to buy new resources for schools. Joe also hopes to have a $750 billion plan made to improve higher education and to make it much more affordable. His final helping hand is to universities to make it free for some students to study and learn there.


Joe Biden has a plan to encourage more students to "Buy American" which means that he wants to stop America relying on foriegn trade. He actually does plan to raise taxes, which causes more people to be living on the streets, to help boost the economy even further. His last desire for the economy is that they create more jobs in manufacturing and technoligy.

Climate Change.

For climate change, Joe Biden proposes to use over $2 trillion in the next four years to help achieve 100% clean electricity by 2035. By 2050, he wants to achieve absolutely zero emissons. He also supports research which is mainly in Nuclear Energy.


Disagrees with Donald Trump with building the wall between Mexico and America and if in President intends to end the plan. Also is angry with Trump about the law to stop people in mostly Muslim countries coming to and from America so will end the ban.

Donald Trump.


Donald Trump actually wants the goverment to become less involved in schools so they can make their own decisions more freely. He also wants to continue to let finacial support become easier for students to access it so they can afford to go to university.


Just like Joe Biden, he wants to make a lot more products in America. He argues a lot with China:


as he thinks there should be stricter rules about the trades they make between each other. However, he would like to cut taxes, as he thinks that that would boost the economy.

Climate Change.

Does not have any polices on Climate Change! Although, he does have a idea to cut down rules for energy suppliers and also supports research in Nuclear Energy.


Wants the opposite of what Joe Biden would like to stop as is determined to keep building the wall between Mexico and America. Again wants to keep the new rule to stop mainly Muslim countries coming into America.

My Opinion.

I would vote Joe Biden but if there was another candidate which had different polices, I would vote for them. To be honest I would vote Joe Biden as I do not agree with what Trump has said on Immigration or Climate Change with the wall, rule about Muslims accessing America and how Trump doesn't care that much about he enviorment! That is enough for me to say that I would vote Biden!


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