Why is Donald Trump acting like a sore loser?

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Mr Trump is very mad about losing the election and trying to get his job back by sending Joe Biden ( current president of the united stats ) to court. Mr Trump on Twitter has stated in all of his postes that he won the election, in fact he’s said this so many times that Twitter banned him, he is not aloud to use the president‘s account and he is not aloud to use his own account. Even after all of this, Amaricain citizens are still paying taxes for Donald Trump’s security, which made most of the population furious inclueding other countries like England, Wales and Chelmsford.

Donald Trump is trying to “make amarica great again” by let people not social distentce. Also why he was was properly hated ii the fact he paid 7oo dollars in taxes for a hole year whilst citizens pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in a year as well. Are starting to get the point. I believe that Donald Trump is in the wrong and to ignore Mr. Trump in social media and outside ( protests signs etc ).Try and forget Donald Trump because like the saying “Do not think about the past, think about the future and upcomino events!” ( this is not the autumn saying this speech was edited by me and in my opinion plese do not comment what the actual saying is thank you ).

Donald Trump has recently caught covid-19 but some people are stating that he is faking covid-19, however I disagree to this because there is no point of faking covid-19 unless you want the vaccine but you can ask for one or, he is trying to make people feel scared that Donald Trump has covid-19 so he is making a risky move of he still does not care about the virus. This will then worry the citizens of Amarica and all of the stats in the massive country. In my opinion, I think it will be pointless to pretend to have covid-19 other than to scare citizens of Amarica.

However Joe Biden is the oppersite he pays the right amount of taxe, he cares about the corona virse and he is a better overall president than Donald Trump. Joe Biden is s kind guy and he cares about Amarica and the citizens that live in the fifty stats of the united stats of Amarica , howerver Donald Trump cares about himself and himself to only and he is very mean. Joe Biden in my opinion is the best president of all of the time in Amarica (except president Obama ).

Thank you for reading my post about the Donald Trump and why he is mad that he lost. Feel free to comment anything you like or dislike about my post, this will make me happy. If you enjoy any of my postes then thank you very much and I will be ridiculously happy. Goodbye for now.

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