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art is important to some peoples daily life but it is getting a bit over the top with grafity so why shouldn't we ban non-mamorial grafity altogeher .

some people might think that grafity is all about expresing yourself but some may be like grafity is sometimes cool. that SOMETIMES is a key part some times you get people writing swere words where it is hidden so when people do end up finding it they go a different way but they should ctell the police but its different if its actual art but if we can limit the use of spray paint then it will also help reduce climate change

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  • Hammond School logo valuable_insect | Hammond Junior School E
    09 Jun 2020

    Thank you for this post, charming_eagle.

    It is very nice that you want to help reduce climate change, but limiting the use of spray paint might cause problems. England is a free country, which means that people can’t tell us what we can and can’t do. But sometimes, the government does ban things, and people decide to use the fact that we’re a free country against the government. This causes protests. The government has enough problems on their hands, protests outside their doors will simply cause even more stress for everyone.

    If I could send a message to all of the graffiti artists out there, it would be, “You don’t need to express yourself by spray painting on walls and bridges. You can paint canvases instead and get them published in art galleries. This way, you can express yourself and have people see your work, and at the same time, not doing something illegal.

    Thanks for reading my comment :)

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    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      valuable_insect's comment 10 Jun 2020

      A measured response, valuable_insect. Could the government find a compromise - allowing spray painting in certain places?

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    2. White Hall Academy charming_eagle | White Hall Academy A
      valuable_insect's comment 10 Jun 2020

      you make a good point valuable_insect

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    3. White Hall Academy charming_eagle | White Hall Academy A
      valuable_insect's comment 10 Jun 2020

      and if you wanted to you could decorate the walls of there house with there art and stick it to there walls

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    4. Halsnead logo hopeful_city | Halsnead Primary School
      valuable_insect's comment 13 Jun 2020

      What if the government made a little area where all the grafitiers could express their feelings?

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  • Hammond School logo versatile_molecule | Hammond Junior School B
    20 Jun 2020

    I think that graffiti/street art should not be banned. Before I talk about my view, I would like to show the other side of the argument. It could be argued that street art is Vandalism, in some countries it is illegal, the main reason behind this is that when you do graffiti you are covering someone else's property without asking them. It could be argued that it covering someone's property with your messages and art is selfish, your expressing yourself at the expense of others.

    Now onto my view. I think banning graffiti would be a bad idea. This is because banning graffiti could be seen as pushing back against freedom of speech which is a key part of democracy and our society. As Valuable insect said, this would cause problems and protests.

    Concluding, I think that while Graffiti could be seen as Vandalism, it should not be banned as this could be seen as pushing against freedom of speech which will cause many problems in society.

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  • Hillyfield School logo ingenious_dusk | Hillyfield Primary Academy
    22 Jun 2020

    I've heard of a place - a tunnel where you're allowed to graffiti all you like and to be honest it looks absolutely beautiful

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