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Hi, BNC users! 😊 This post is focused on this question: Is graffiti good?

Do you like graffiti? If so, why? I kind of like graffiti, because it expresses art. :) What I don't like is that some people write rude messages on public buildings. :( Some people will disagree, and graffiti just expresses emotions. Which I'm not against, as different people have different opinions. Also, would you consider that graffity-ing public buildings with a picture like this:

A crime? Do you think that graffiti should be banned? Or do you think it should be expressed more often? Personally, I think, in each country, there should be an area where all the public artists ( graffiti-ers) could spray paint anything they want on the walls of this area. Disagree? Let me know in the comments below. So, what do you think? Is graffiti good or bad?

By Hopeful_city

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