The Burnet News Club is now on summer break!

Thank you for all of your fantastic contributions this year.

We will stop approving posts and comments at 5pm on Friday 17th July. You are still be able to visit the Hub for a short time after this but not to write anything. After Friday 17th July, you can still:

  • take our final quiz (but you can't make any comments!)
  • check out our post on the recent Burnet News Club Awards
  • Read back over all the great posts and comments from this year!

We look forward to seeing some of you back on the Hub in September.

If you're moving schools and want to see if your new school can run the Burnet News Club, let your teacher know and tell them to tell us!

Remember, you can keep an eye on the news in lots of ways over summer, for example at BBC News and Newsround.

Best wishes from everyone at the BNC Team!


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