Session 4: Art and society


Imagine each of these scenarios:

  1. An activist unhappy about climate change
  2. A parent who has had a new baby
  3. A government trying to encourage hand washing
  4. A teenager excited about a new romantic relationship

For each scenario, decide what type of art you would make to express yourself. For example, for number 1. I might make a large poster to hold during a protest. Think about the materials you would use. Remember you can use a range of different art forms


Art can have an impact on society. Have a read of these three different examples that show you how.


Read through these situations.


For each situation, decide which of the three types of art (dissident, propaganda, feminist) you would create in that situation.

  • Can you say why the type of art is suited to the situation?
  • What are the risks with creating art in that situation?
  • Who would not like the art they are creating? Why?
  • What might the consequences be?

These are only three examples of how art can influence society, can you think of others?


Take part in the poll below. Be sure to give reasons for your decisions.

Be open-minded and challenge your thinking... what would the person on the opposite side of the debate say?

Over to you!

Head to the comments section below to share some of your answers and discuss these activities with people from different schools.

Comments (5)

  • Portobello-logo-250x250.jpg committed_aspect | Portobello High School
    23 Jun 2020

    Step 1-

    1. A banner- Needs: cardboard, pens, paint
    2. A photo album of your baby- Needs: camera, photo album
    3. Adverts, propaganda- Needs: Display areas, handwash, good examples
    4. Expressing how they feel through words- Needs: Honesty to express their feelings

  • Compass School Southwark upbeat_watermelon | Compass School Southwark
    26 Jun 2020

    Scenario 1. A poster to express their feelings on paper, requires: paper or card (anything to write on), pen, pencil, felt tip
    Scenario 2. Make some videos of you doing things with your child, anything to look back to, requires: camera.
    Scenario 3. Propaganda and persuasive documentaries, requires: anything you need to make a documentary and good persuasive language.
    Scenario 4. Maybe write a poem or some form of art for your special someone, requires: a purpose to amaze someone or make them feel happy

  • Birchwood-logo-250x250.jpg entertaining_strawberry | Birchwood C of E Primary School | United Kingdom
    29 Jun 2020

    Step One
    1. I think that a large poster/banner in most suitable for this situation. If you are an activist, you may go to peaceful protests, and there is nothing that is dangerous or harmful about walking around with a poster. Posters also have the power to aware people of a current situation, that is why I think it is best suited.
    2. There are many forms of art for this situation, I think that a plaster cast would be really special - so you can have a model of your babies hand. I think that this is really special because it not only can show them how little they used to be, but also it can be a reminder of them whenever they go away. I also think that photo albums are a great way to make memories.
    3. I think that in this scenario, make adverts to aware people of the new rules, get schools to get children involved, maybe even make a mini film! There are lots o ways to aware people but I think adverts are most effective because nearly everybody watched a television, and nearly everybody will see it. It has to be factual and show the facts (even if they are not the best of news).
    4. I think you could write a poem/ letter to the other person, I think this because if you cannot express yourself within words, you can write the words down and let them do the work. I think it is less effective than using your self and confidence, but if you haven't gathered enough, then letters and poems are great.

    Step Two
    'You are part of the government..' - I think that propaganda is best for this situation because it can warn people about unhealthy foods and what they do to you
    'You are a company...' - I also think that propaganda would be best for this because they do not need to break anything to get their word across, because they don't have a good enough reason too, and they don't need to be feminist because there is nothing that is against them. That is why propaganda would be best.
    'You are an elderly person...' - I think that dissident might work best in this scenario because they want to get their opinion heard, and it is something that effects them directly.
    'You live in a county...' - Feminist is the best for this. It is something that is effecting them directly but unlike the previous scenario, it's not just one persons opinion on something, it is something that effects a whole group of people and it's actually discriminating against a group of people, rather then just an opinion.
    'You're a young man...' - I think that in this scenario dissident would be best, however there are consequences and you could be imprisoned a swell. Although dissident would be best for getting a point across, if you want to stay safe, than propaganda is best.
    'You are a student...' - I think that dissident would be best for getting a point across, but if it seems to be effecting everyone else and you have proof, then feminist is best. This is because at the moment it is only effecting one person, but if it effects a group of people, then feminist is great.

    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      entertaining_strawberry's comment 29 Jun 2020

      A very in-depth response, entertaining_strawberry! You say writing might be effective than using your self and confidence - can someone still show their confidence through their writing?

  • Birchwood-logo-250x250.jpg warm_wombat | Birchwood C of E Primary School | United Kingdom
    30 Jun 2020

    1: writing poems is artwork because it involves pens, paper but it also needs a lot of compassion
    2:An art teacher because they teach art to people around the world
    3:Drawing involves art because it involves using a pen paper paint and more!!
    4:Graffiti is art because it is involves a spray can and it is seen everywhere you go

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