Ask Zoe Kleinman, the BBC's Technology Editor...

Meet Zoe Kleinman - the technology editor for the BBC. Zoe's website tells us:

"Zoe has passion for all things tech. From cyber-security and hacking to AI and driverless cars, she brings tech stories to a global audience of millions across radio, TV and online including BBC News, BBC World News, the BBC World Service and Radio 4's Today.

Zoe has raced drones in the Nevada desert, spent the night in a house full of robots, been turned into a human beatbox, climbed Mount Everest (virtually, in a hotel room in Las Vegas, in a VR headset) and survived 48 hours spending only Bitcoin on the Isle of Man."

What questions do you have for Zoe about big corporations and technology? Add yours below by January 24th. Zoe will then join the Student Hub and give her answers to the best ones!

You can ask TWO questions each - so make sure they're your best!

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