What's a futurist? Ask your questions to Mark Stevenson...

For each topic, we give you the chance to ask questions to our experts.

Before you ask a question, make sure you have completed this Learning Zone activity about how companies impact society.

For Big corp power, meet Mark Stevenson - whose job it is to work with big corporations. How? Let's find out...

Mark was once described as "Chief Annoying Question Asker". He helps organisations, including big corporations, change the way they feel, think, invest and operate in order to answer the big questions the future is asking us - on climate change, inequality, democracy and economics, to name a few.

What questions do you have for Mark about how big corporations might impact the future? Add yours below by January 21st. Mark will then join the Student Hub and give his answers to the best ones!

You can ask TWO questions each - so make sure they're your best!

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