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Weekly competitions are a great place to start.

  • They're great fun
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Check out our latest Headline

We publish a new Headline each week. This is a news story that's come to the world's attention in the last two weeks - and you can:

  • Visit the Learning Zone
  • Test your knowledge
  • Join discussions with other students

What's what...

Headline: a news story that changes each week

Project: A Project is a news topic that we discuss on the Student Hub over eight weeks

Learning zone: a place to learn about the news story or topic before you begin to discuss it

Comment: Comments are your chance to give your opinion about a question or activity on the Student Hub. You can add them at the bottom of most pages.

Stars: Rewards for showing Topical Talk skills - learn more about winning stars here.

Post: a piece of writing that begins an original discussion - you can write these for Projects.

Final Piece: a piece of work that you produce at the end of a Project