Companies are a double-edged sword

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The importance of the company is that it collects the capital saved by individuals in the form of stocks or bonds, and then invests this money in the form of large and large projects. There are huge companies in all areas of financial technology, media, oil and many more, which are harmful to the climate and polluting the environment. Companies specialized in the field of oil have a significant impact on the environment. Companies specialized in this field, that is, those that take their energy from sources harmful to the environment, must donate part of the profits to support the climate and the environment to repair the damage they cause. When companies extract oil, they cause serious and long-term damage to lands, including stripping the plant environment and increasing food intake, which may lead to landslides and floods and affect the surface of the earth.

I have a question for you, dear reader, do you think that by paying money from companies to the authorities responsible for the climate and the environment, they will mitigate the damage they cause to the climate and the environment?

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  • British Council.jpg majestic_moon | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    08 Jan 2022

    I think that yes, because the authority can provide environmentally friendly devices and thus can reduce the environmental pollution left by companies, and if the government has excess money, it can donate it to the poor

  • British Council.jpg appreciative_pear | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    08 Jan 2022

    Corporate social responsibility is a double-edged sword: it encourages companies to go beyond the law, but this is only ever voluntary.

  • British Council.jpg compassionate_explanation | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    09 Jan 2022

    I read the post and I will answer your question: From my point of view, I think that it will be mitigated, but not in the required form. It is possible that the amount of their donations is not enough to repair the amount of great damage they caused to the environment and the climate, so I think that it is not enough. Those companies must try to change themselves and To turn into environmentally friendly companies that do not harm the climate, and thus they can fix what they spoiled

  • British Council.jpg exuberant_keyboard | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    10 Jan 2022

    No, I don’t think that.
    The big corporations will pay and than repeat the same activities again and again. Actually, their impact on climate change and other resources are irreversible and can’t be mitigated just by paying money. I think each one of these corporations should apply its own mitigation plan upon its procedures and activities so that it can reduce the negative impact on environment and contribute more for sustainable development.

  • British Council.jpg pioneering_wilddog | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    11 Jan 2022

    Well, I do not think that it will reduce it, because the longer it continues to operate, the climate change will continue to increase, even if the company pays large sums, this does not mean that it will be able to eliminate climate change completely.
    Also, what if the largest companies in the world donated huge sums of money to protect the climate, a factory could be set up as in Iceland, or even another, more effective solution could be devised. Is this not possible?

    1. katie.jpg Katie @ Topical Talk
      pioneering_wilddog's comment 11 Jan 2022

      What do you mean by "a factory could be set up in Iceland"? Are you talking about carbon capture plant that we mentioned in our previous Headlines discussion?

      1. British Council.jpg pioneering_wilddog | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
        Katie @ Topical Talk's comment 13 Jan 2022

        Yes, I mean the carbon capture plant in Iceland, I think it would have a greater impact, if it were in several parts of the world, and on the other hand, the techniques used in this plant could be used, but for the manufacturing industry is more efficient than this plant.

  • British Council.jpg independent_technology | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    12 Jan 2022

    In the beginning (Do you think money will solve the climate problem?!)
    The climate is not a material thing to repair with money or a tangible thing to rectify in any way. Climate is a moral thing, we have to simplify it with special things, and in return nature gives us a very healthy environment...!
    For example, the Corona virus appeared in China, why in China specifically?!
    (Because there are thousands of giant companies that negatively affect the environment..!
    As if she says (for the sake of big companies: let the world burn..!)
    Well, in my opinion, China will fight everyone who stands in the way of building its own communism, including nature itself...!
    As well as giant companies around the world..!
    But you may find that there are companies that do not affect the climate negatively, but guess what?
    It affects our health. For example, we (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and McDonald’s are companies that sell products that are very harmful to our health, but as you said that if companies give the authorities responsible for the climate, it will not fix anything because the main reason is companies..! )
    What this means is that there is no company in the world that does not negatively affect the climate, and if it does not affect the climate, it affects human health...!

    1. avatar.jpg Urvashi @ The Economist
      independent_technology's comment 13 Jan 2022

      Do you know that companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi (along with many others) fall in the category of FMCG products. Fast moving consumer goods - this sector is one of the largest plastic pollutants in the world. This industry is also the largest user of single-use plastic. What are some ways that you can think of that will reduce our plastic use from FMCG products?

  • British Council.jpg aware_painting | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    22 Jan 2022

    The big companies, riding on the madness of competition, fame and money, have caused a lot of damage to the environment and climate, which will therefore affect the earth, our lives and our cover. The magnitude of the disaster you have created and stopping this environmental bleeding will not do any good. And if companies want to stop the environmental pollution that they have caused, then the companies themselves should start from within their corridors with the text of labor laws to prevent and preserve the environment. Let them be laws applied on the ground,, and address the problem from its roots.

  • British Council.jpg articulate_antelope | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    31 Jan 2022

    Yes, with the development of civilizations, history, people and technology, the globe has become a game that we can control in all areas in paying money. We can come up with laws or raise things that support the climate and mitigate its damage.

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