Farewell to the real reality...!

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Hello dear reader, today our topic will be interesting and controversial (the metaverse) will be about artificial intelligence that dozens of companies are trying to do...!

You put on virtual reality glasses and go anywhere in the world while you are in your room. You will experience the most difficult adventures without risks. You will play almost real with anyone as if in front of you (I mean you are now in the current internet. We assume that you are playing a game on your phone or computer in the meta-verse. You will enter The game and you fight by yourself) the experience will be more effective and then you will be called an avatar through the metavirus, you will go to your work in another country and you are in your room...! At the university level, you may actually live in the Arab world, but you go to a British university every day and discuss face to face with the dean of the university...!
In the meta-verse, you might meet meet someone who is no longer alive. Well, the dead is actually dead. This is undoubtedly true, but it will become digital copies of faces. When you die, you continue to be immortal in the virtual world and people continue to deal with you...! There you interact with them via artificial intelligence ...!
(Of course not you, but a digital copy)
Everything there will be imaginary and virtual and [reality will disappear]
In an interview with science fiction writer William Gibson, he said that our generation will be the last to distinguish between the real world and the virtual world..!
While future generations will consider them interchangeable..!
(But in my opinion, there is no dispensation with reality, no matter how advanced we are. Whoever puts a bandage on a wound in virtual reality, the wound will bleed in real reality..!)
So, dear reader, let's look at this matter from a different angle. I will tell you now about the types of Internet:
1_ Web 1: This site was intended only for readers. It was offered stores and sales, but it was not possible for a person to write or comment on this site, and this type of Internet extended from 1994 to 2004..!

2_ Web 2: This site is the current Internet in our day dedicated to reading, writing and external interaction (for example, the Facebook application through which we can publish anything and people can comment and interact on what we publish ...) and this type of Internet began From 2005...!

3_ Web 3: It is the future Internet dedicated to interaction, and it is three-dimensional, as I mentioned to you previously, everything will be virtual and we will travel around the entire world and we can even go to Mars through this type of Internet (Metaverse) and the world expects that it will start in 2030...!
(In my opinion, metavirus will bring with it problems and complications related to privacy and information security....!)
As you know that recently China has managed to invent devices through which you can taste..! (The electronic tablet that they invented and that people have tried will put a picture of chocolate for you, for example, and you can taste it..!)
(I think that after this topic, I began to imagine the end of the world at the hand of evolution and the return of the time of swords...!)

When you search on the Internet, you will find that there are dozens of huge companies competing to supply the world of metavirs, including Microsoft, Facebook and Niantic...!

Of course, this type of internet has its pros and cons.
The negatives, in short: the phenomenon of the disappearance of reality..!
Pros: facilitating life to the extent that you will not leave your room...!
Opportunities: investing in this internet may make you rich in the future...!

So are all these advances in technology a good thing?

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    14 Jan 2022

    The "metaverse" and other virtual reality prospects have certainly got people talking! Thank you for this post and your question - what do you think about it?

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    1. British Council.jpg independent_technology | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
      Tom @ Topical Talk's comment 14 Jan 2022

      Yes, it has become a station of interest for all people..!
      Some of them are afraid of this change, and some of them are ready and excited for this change..!
      And just an ambitious idea, it may or may not happen at all, but we will see a fierce fight between tech giants during the next decade..!
      People nowadays think in fear of the sentence "If you die in the metavirs, you are dead in real life.."
      This is not only scary, but also dangerous to humanity!
      And I have a question (How will the next generation be??!)
      Well, this is a matter alone that requires deep thought and complexity..!
      The truth is that the real fear is not from metaverses, but from the generation that will follow!
      It may seem like a version of virtual reality (VR), but as Facebook previously sees Meta now, this virtual universe may indeed be the future of the internet...!
      People are now (reckless) who only want to "escape from reality"!

      Other than that, these metaviruses are never safe! Perhaps they will control you and your actions and you do not feel that it is a breach of privacy!

      I don't know what people's point of view is, but in my opinion, we must put an end to this issue and fight before it is too late, that is, before the virtual world devours the real world..!

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  • British Council.jpg appreciative_pear | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    14 Jan 2022

    Well, great question, independent technology, are all advancements in technology a good thing? There is no denying that we live in the age of technology where it is an essential part of everyday life and is constantly improving to do more and more impressive things, along with the transformation of society and the way we think and work is coming. Also as a result of technological progress, but all of this has some negatives that technological development has brought about. One of these negatives in technological development is the production of a generation of laziness as everything has become easier or completely done for us through the use of technology people slowly but surely forget how to do things the old way and forget The good old hard work. And there are positives of them More job opportunities Technology has created a huge amount of new jobs in the economy of our world as there is a need for a whole new group of people to work with, develop and maintain new technology in homes and workplaces Frankly I am at a loss because technological development has negatives and positives

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    1. British Council.jpg independent_technology | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
      appreciative_pear's comment 17 Jan 2022

      Yes, I agree with you, and it is not only a lazy generation, but a generation that lacks privacy!
      There will be no one enjoying secrecy or privacy, all people will be watched..!
      Well let me tell you that privacy is one of the most important things in life..!
      And it has become known all over the world that privacy is a basic human right, and many other rights must be adopted, and they are the basis for protecting his dignity and independence..!
      But they will not care about this point when (Web 3) or (Metaverse) is released!
      And we all know that the big technology companies now like Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and others collect our personal information from social media, and from our daily direct contacts in the internet,!
      How would it be if we entered the same network to the same TV screen!
      Privacy will not remain for us!
      In my opinion, losing privacy is more important than losing activity!!

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  • British Council.jpg supportive_literature | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    16 Jan 2022

    Well, we can not lose sight of the fact that virtual reality has a great positive impact in life, it helps us to get to know people, make friends, and also it helps to give a person a unique experience in a world that is different from the real (disastrous) world in which we live, helps to Removing your concern if you are concerned, and gives you a lot of positive energy, and a lot of other positives.
    However, no matter how comfortable this world is, we cannot leave our real world, we cannot make our lives electronic, for example, when you eat in the virtual world, you will remain hungry in reality, and another example, when you make a friendship on one of the social networking sites, It is true that you will talk a lot, and get to know each other more, but you must meet one day.
    In short, being in a hypothetical future wouldn't make sense, and living in a bleak past wouldn't help either, so the best of things are middle , I think we're in the comfort zone.

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    1. avatar.jpg EXPERT: Nathan @ KPMG
      supportive_literature's comment 17 Jan 2022

      Very interesting take! With virtual reality being implemented more and more frequently to industries that have not previously had such technology (aviation, construction etc.), do you think it will become an almost mandatory aspect of day to day life? Refusing to partake may leave an individual in a position of disadvantage. Is this a concern to you, or would you be happy for VR to take a leading role in different areas of society?

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