How big companies contribute to education!

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Dear reader, this topic is one of the most important topics because it is related to the most important element that helps in creating a conscious future generation belonging to its homeland and its cause.

## Large companies can contribute to education.


1) Focus, support and develop programs that support distance e-learning in light of the conditions of Covid 19 and the cold climate in the world, especially my town. I mean in this: that you create special programs for e-learning

2) It is possible to make donations from the profits that you get from sales in order to support government schools with budgets, for stationery and necessary items for students such as books, pens, notebooks and bags

3) It is possible to donate for purposes of Covid 19 such as masks and jigs and provide them with the Covid vaccine in order to continue the educational process to prevent the spread of infections with it

4)Publishing videos for students and their talents to enhance them and support them financially and morally from all groups and fields.

In my opinion, big companies can help in all areas, especially education: and there are those who support my opinion, including Ahmed Al-Qalla, founder of the NFX project and one of the investors in the Saudi Noon Academy for Online Learning, where he said great opportunities for large companies working in the field of educational technology at face value. Especially online teaching in all countries of the world, and are you in favor of my opinion??

Dear reader, who is interested in this necessary topic, what are the ways and contributions that major companies can make to education in your town???

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  • British Council.jpg aware_painting | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    27 Jan 2022

    Yes, I support your opinion without a doubt, and whoever cares about such a matter is the one who cares about education and seeks to develop the educational process, and build an educational future capable of facing challenges. The ways in which major companies contribute to education in my town is to support e-learning and integrate technology into the curriculum. Are you wondering how? The lack of this feature in my school exists and the contribution is by supporting the school with modern technology means such as advanced electronic devices and the delivery of internet networks to the school, and most importantly, distributing devices to students who live in areas far from the school and do not communicate with teachers in emergency situations (such as an epidemic) and supply Internet communication lines for them to keep pace with the electronic educational process when necessary, and to equate them with their fellow students who have devices and the Internet and who are communicating in the educational process to catch up with the advanced and modern process of education...

    1. British Council.jpg impartial_lute | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
      aware_painting's comment 28 Jan 2022

      Well, if we assume that the big companies supported your school and provided it with electronic devices and the rest of its needs, I would like to ask you what could change, what are the effects that will be affected and will occur??

      1. British Council.jpg aware_painting | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
        impartial_lute's comment 28 Jan 2022

        Yes, the impact will be great, as many students did not communicate with teachers and the school during the epidemic period due to the lack of means of technology and internet connection.

  • British Council.jpg enterprising_technology | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    28 Jan 2022

    I think that the disappearance of large companies will lead to great harm in society, as I believe that they support society, this will constitute a large space in society and will decrease, and the society was, I do not think that it will benefit the society.

  • British Council.jpg exuberant_keyboard | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    29 Jan 2022

    I believe that there are important linkages between companies and education and companies can support educational institutions in many different ways as mentioned above. As a part of corporations social responsibility, they can provide for example a number of educational scholarships that can enable people to pursue their undergraduate and/or postgraduate degrees which in turn open new horizons for new jobs in the future.
    Additionally, I think these corporations can provide real role models in many educational forum or networks which have great effects on students’ motivation towards their study. Besides, several corporations here in my city provide in-site internships opportunities to qualified students which can change into job opportunities for talent ones.
    Of course, these are just examples and there are various ways to support education and make it accessible right for everyone.

  • British Council.jpg aware_painting | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    30 Jan 2022

    Companies can contribute significantly to my town, as they can contribute from their profits by pledging to give school teachers educational workshops to train on the important elements of educational technology in the learning and communication process, by providing experts to explain how to exploit these technological means in the learning and access process To perform better with the right application of students and teachers, I believe that such workshops will make a big difference, and make the passion at work prominent instead of getting things done on a routine basis.

  • British Council.jpg wondrous_flight | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    30 Jan 2022

    Well, companies can contribute to education in schools, and this is by creating small computers for each student instead of heavy books that he carries so that he takes them with him to school and writes on them all that he takes, and thus we may have solved the problem of backache that stopped all people from going to school The school .
    But there is a small problem, which is that computers cause double vision, so glasses must be created to preserve vision, and so we may be a solution to the problem of low vision.

  • British Council.jpg articulate_antelope | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    31 Jan 2022

    Yes, without a doubt, major companies can support learning in the light of covid 19. It is in the shadow of covid 19 that Gaza has suffered from distance learning, and there were programs supporting this learning, such as Classroom and WhatsApp. We were learning remotely through these applications, which greatly helped to accommodate students. Yes, it is true that face-to-face learning is much better, but because these companies have contributed greatly to distance learning, especially the Classroom company, we support these companies, and they would have learned and responded in order to rise to a brilliant and better future. We support these companies that offer what is impossible.

  • British Council.jpg smart_glacier | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    31 Jan 2022

    Large companies provide their support for the education process in my country by contributing to the delivery of the printed version of the educational curricula to each student and the preparation of books in proportion to the nature of education, as well as the electronic version that helps us in distance learning, especially in light of the Corona pandemic, which led to the suspension of face-to-face education for a long time

  • British Council.jpg dependable_cranberry | Baqa'a Prep Girls School 1 | Jordan
    03 Apr 2022

    Companies that contribute significantly in my town can provide some assistance to public schools, which receive Palestinian refugees as students, such as granting outstanding students free scholarships annually and also by providing In providing them with electronic and sports supplies.
    For me, this is my opinion...

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