Zaimal from The Fawcett Society answers your questions!

For each Project, we give you the chance to ask questions to topic experts.

Meet Zaimal from The Fawcett Society - the UK's leading gender equality charity.

Zaimal said she campaigns for women's rights at home, at work and in public life. Read Zaimal's replies to your questions below! Here's one we have spotlighted:

What are the things that have made you succeed in fighting gender inequality in public places?
kind_nature, Ulafu Secondary School, Kenya

Thanks for your question! The main reason that helps us succeed is having the power of many many women behind us. It's hard to achieve change by ourselves but we work with lots of other people such as other organisations, other campaigners and amazing women who share their stories with us. There is a lot of power in people standing together and we work by raising the voices of women and making sure that decision makers can hear those voices. Nothing is more powerful than people standing together and supporting each other to make things better and we see that in our work every day.

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