Discrimination against hijabi-women

It's said that people have the right to choose their religious belief, and by people i mean Men and Women. Through the last decades and since the start of population, men are having their right to practice their own religion and beliefs but still hijabi women aren't having it. Hijab is just a type of cloth made of material to cover women's hair in order to protect women from devils' eyes. By wearing hijab we don't trespass any others freedom.

Men were allowed to put hats covering their heads from cold, nuns had the right to cover their whole own body, but here's the question...

What's the difference? Muslim women are also humans who want to cover their heads and not brains to feel free.

They have be harassed, fired from jobs, and denied access to public places, and this is just because they had a material covering their head.

In february 2022, a mall called ABC Verdun in my country Lebanon, has fired all hijabi women employees causing a lot of anger on social media which prompted people eslecially muslims to boycott the mall.

In france, a new law could seriously restrict women's right to wear headscarves in public, and there are fears that it will entrench Islamophobia. A woman faced discrimination said " I feel violated by the demand to undress"

This month, the EU court of justice said that EU companies can, under certain conditions, ban employees from wearing headscarves.

Belgium had specific bans on 2015 on covering-face dress such as niqab and burqa.

The court ruled that the law, which prevented girls younger than 10 from wearing the headscarf.

Those are just a few number of countries discriminating hijabi women, i know nothing but this needs to stop.

What corrective measures can be taken to curb this type of bias?

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    05 Apr 2022

    Thank you for raising this important question. You've explained why you think this is biased and so I'm also interested by what measures you think should be taken now?

    1. British Council.jpg motivated_camel | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria
      Tom @ Topical Talk's comment 06 Apr 2022

      The issue of discrimination of hijabi women is just a small part or area of general discrimination in dressing or fashion. . From my perspective, dressing forms part of the identity of hijabi women and stopping them form wearing their hijabs is almost like asking them to abandon their identities. To solve this problem, the first and probably the most efficient solution is appropriate legislation on the issue. Examples of laws that help to prevent the discrimination of hijabi women are: The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) which prevents the making of laws that prevent the wearing of hijabs (at the federal level), Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prevents employers from firing or disciplining of women because of their religious beliefs, and many others. Aside this, I realized that many people have "hijab phobia" because:
      a) They might feel insecure about a culture that they might not be familiar with; in this case, wearing of hijab.
      b) Lack of understanding and appreciation for the culture of hijab wearing due to inability or plain refusal to do some research.
      c) In Nigeria, one of the reasons that most people are uncomfortable wearing hijab is that they have stereotyped people who wear hijab to "suicide bombers" which is not correct because the bombings carried out under the façade of hijab are done by a very insignificant minority of people.
      To end this misconceptions about hijabs, the governments of countries should put in effort and resources to sensitize and enlighten the public on the truth behind hijabs and to displace negative stereotypes about hijabs.

      1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
        motivated_camel's comment 06 Apr 2022

        A well-written and evidenced comment, well done!

  • British Council.jpg trusting_pear | Shohour High Public School | Lebanon
    05 Apr 2022

    I believe that awareness must spread every where contributing to this catastrophic issue. This type of discrimination is violating women's right to follow the religion they want. To do so, awareness must be shared by protests, social media and journalism. Officials must recognize how this discrimination leads to the revolution of people. In addition, governmet officials must be impartial and fair, taking into consideration that we're all humans despite our beliefs.

  • British Council.jpg eager_statement | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria
    05 Apr 2022

    This is an interesting topic trusting _pear but if I may ask why is it compulsory to wear hijab?

    1. British Council.jpg willing_imagination | Marka Prep. Girls School 2 | Jordan
      eager_statement's comment 06 Apr 2022

      When we have a precious thing that we preserve from anything like a diamond, if a person possesses it, no one will be allowed to approach it. Likewise, the veil for women is prevention and protection from weak souls from physical, psychological or social abuse.

      1. British Council.jpg eager_statement | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria
        willing_imagination's comment 08 Apr 2022

        thank you for in lighting me on the importance on wearing a hijab.

        1. British Council.jpg willing_imagination | Marka Prep. Girls School 2 | Jordan
          eager_statement's comment 08 Apr 2022

          you are welcome my friend. Sometimes the wrong view of some things has to be changed. thank you for come by

          1. British Council.jpg eager_statement | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria
            willing_imagination's comment 08 Apr 2022

            I would also like to ask another question if you don't mind so if it is compulsory to wear a hijab is there a rule for defaulters?

            1. British Council.jpg willing_imagination | Marka Prep. Girls School 2 | Jordan
              eager_statement's comment 11 Apr 2022

              No one has the right to decide the punishment or fate of others, for the fate of each one of us is with his Lord. This is what religion tells us, meaning that they have no excuse and that God will hold them accountable for their mistakes.

            2. British Council.jpg willing_imagination | Marka Prep. Girls School 2 | Jordan
              eager_statement's comment 11 Apr 2022

              That's what I wanted to tell you, sorry for the first comment was not enough

  • British Council.jpg eager_statement | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria
    05 Apr 2022

    what I feel could help is making the society understand the purpose of the hijab and the consequences of not wearing one because I am sure there is a lot of strict punishment for breaking this law. Also implementing laws on people who criticize

  • British Council.jpg amazing_reflection | Shohour High Public School | Lebanon
    05 Apr 2022

    As a measure to solve such problem, United Nations should be the first to move, by legislating international laws that prevent any country to have any sense of discrimination against any belief. And by that every person can practice his/her beliefs in any way he/she wants, and by that the real freedom is being done in this world not just claims.

    1. British Council.jpg trusting_pear | Shohour High Public School | Lebanon
      amazing_reflection's comment 05 Apr 2022

      totally agree👏👏 you've mentioned a crucial point

  • British Council.jpg amiable_imagination | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    05 Apr 2022

    Islam described women as “jewels” because they are affectionate and beautiful just like jewels, and jewels are expensive, and only those who work hard and were qualified to enjoy the beauty of these jewels can obtain them.And so are the women, the girl is a precious and shining jewel, which Islam protected and hidden her inside the oyster, which is her veil In order not to be an easy target for everyone, Islam preserved women and made them a precious jewel..
    I think that if the world can understand what the veil is and what its real purpose is, he will be able to make sure that it is a woman's fortress that protects her from the eyes of demons.You can confirm my words when you watch interviews with women who have recently converted to Islam and see their reaction to the veil .....

    1. British Council.jpg trusting_pear | Shohour High Public School | Lebanon
      amiable_imagination's comment 05 Apr 2022

      Thank you for this clarification dear👏❤

  • British Council.jpg amiable_imagination | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    05 Apr 2022

    Also, if people return to their religious books, they will be sure that all religions stipulate the veil. Sheikh: Zakir Naik:said This is in evidenced by the Bible and the Torah..... Just as the hardliners in their religions are like nuns, they wear the veil! This is also clear evidence..... We, as Muslims, have been commanded by God to adhere to the religion all.! Certainly, God has promised those who abide by the affairs of his religion (Paradise). This is what makes us adhere to our religion as Muslims and fight all violence to which we are exposed. We are patient because we know that our destiny is Paradise, God willing.....
    I think the world needs to study things more closely before judging someone...
    Thank you for your interest ☘️

  • British Council.jpg artistic_context | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    05 Apr 2022

    No one has the right to disrespect the women in hijab or bully them. Everyone has his own style, concepts and cultural background in life. I think men who commite such behavior are opressing women and deprive them of their right of choosing their look and appearance which is the simplest right ever . This a taboo in my opinion because this issue is personal and private and relates to women themselves only. Governments all around the world should put an end to this suffer by preventing taking any negative action towards the women in hijab. Laws and fees need to be found to give the women their choice of the hijab. To all the people in the world, no one is allowed to decide for others or force them to wear something or take it off. And why? Why women exactly?? Have you ever seen a man deprived of wearing something he wants? It is a matter of beliefe and faith with all respect to all religions on our earth! Women are free, women can choose for themselves!

  • British Council.jpg strong_bird | Marka Prep. Girls School 2 | Jordan
    05 Apr 2022

    Hello, my darling
    I would like you to answer your question:
    What correct actions can be taken to reduce this type of bias
    My answer is:
    Resorting to the traditional method, which is to stand in front of them and confront you
    But in my opinion it is:
    We stand and propagate the rites of our religion and express our pride in it. We must not surrender and kneel. But we must reform this information among everyone who says that (Muslims are terrorists) this is not true. Our religion urges tolerance, justice and forgiveness when able, honoring parents, caring for the elderly, helping passersby, standing up and supporting each other with anchor. And this is a pure religion, but these features were distinguished by God for the religion of Islam, and you can refer to the speech of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein from his speech (Amman Message) in which he also raised this issue. My question is why only people are biased towards this religion
    There are many religions such as Christianity, Druze, and Catholicism. I would like to know why this religion is the dark religion and has all these features.
    Thank you for listening ❤️❤️

    1. British Council.jpg trusting_pear | Shohour High Public School | Lebanon
      strong_bird's comment 05 Apr 2022

      Oh wow😍 you described and summed up everything, thank you❤

  • British Council.jpg inspired_cherry | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    05 Apr 2022

    I liked talking about this point.
    Women have the freedom to choose their religion, as well as the freedom to choose what to wear. We are not the ones who decide what to wear, and she does not have to take the view of society, but rather take her opinion and wear what she likes and that fits her religion.
    We can start from ourselves to change our view of people. We must look at ourselves before we criticize people. We must put ourselves in their places and see their reaction to our words.
    We may be in the same situation over time
    Everyone must reconcile with the idea of ​​living with people of different religions and races and not be limited to people who share our religion and our race. Companies should employ people of different faiths to fight the phenomenon of racism.

  • British Council.jpg genius_gazelle | Beit Lahya Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    05 Apr 2022

    Hijab is a choice among many choices that an individual chooses in his life, and as the international community calls for personal freedom, many of us accept men in the streets dressed in women’s clothes and putting cosmetics on their faces, and some also accept different ways of dressing for women who are not veiled or unfamiliar hair dyes and finds it a kind of expression of personal freedom, they must also accept the sight of veiled women in public places, It must also be considered a kind of personal freedom in the outward appearance of the person, and as some deal with tolerance towards everything that is unfamiliar from the previous examples and do not take a biased position against it, the same reaction must be given towards the veiled woman, and her veil does not leave any room for judgment on her personality. Or its way of thinking or its practical applicability in many scientific fields or in the field of work.

  • British Council.jpg aware_painting | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    06 Apr 2022

    This type of bias is a violation of human rights and freedom, and the decision to ban it anywhere does not comply with the logic of rights and freedoms endorsed by international and human rights organizations, and such kind of bias is a strong blow to efforts to combat bias in general, I will put some efforts to stop this illogical bias 《 1》That veiled women demonstrate in squares to demand their right to wear the hijab and that it is an identity for them and not a fashion, and this right should not be waived... 《2》 That fashion houses hire veiled fashion coordinators who specialize in the hijab and also a fashion show that includes veiled models even It reinforces the veiled women that society recognizes them..., 《3》 In addition to campaigning on social media sites to demand freedom and the right to wear the veil anywhere and to ensure that they are not subjected to harassment ... 《4》 Demanding human rights and political organizations to impose a law that prohibits or even protects veiled women Those who are subjected to pressure and dismissal from work...《5》 In addition to the societies that prohibit the veil, should take care of the resources and competencies of veiled women in order to benefit society, 《6》 Sports federations should put in place a law granting the freedom for women to wear the veil in the exercise of sports and accept that He passed and that the veil should not be an obstacle in a field in which she imposed her success..., I say that the veiled woman must impose herself and she has the right to work in the field she loves, embodying freedoms for veiled women starts from the freedom to wear it and not link it to work, tourism, shopping and sports.... .

    1. British Council.jpg willing_imagination | Marka Prep. Girls School 2 | Jordan
      aware_painting's comment 07 Apr 2022

      Veiled women are subjected to a lot of psychological and physical abuse while browsing the net, I read the story of a Muslim girl in New Zealand who was beaten and abused because of her belief and her veil.
      Wearing the hijab or converting to Islam does not mean a threat to anyone in society.

  • British Council.jpg fantastic_fossil | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria
    06 Apr 2022

    To some women wearing a hijab is their culture they do not feel right about not putting it on irrespective of where they are and what they are doing, a lot of people have tagged hijab wearing women to be associated with women of crime, women of destruction in my country on world hijab day they had an eye catching theme, "Hijab is our Crown, not Our Crime". In that gathering we were urged to treat every body as equal irrespective of what they wear, but if you ask a typical young man to describe the type of woman to stay away from he would say a hijab wearing woman that they are dangerous, this is the discrimination that these poor women face, what then be done to stop all these I propose that governments when celebrating the world hijab day they should try their most best to promote the eradication of hijab women discrimination.

    1. British Council.jpg willing_imagination | Marka Prep. Girls School 2 | Jordan
      fantastic_fossil's comment 06 Apr 2022

      I think that this view of the veiled woman is caused by the existence of misconceptions about the concept of the veil, so it has become known to the world that the veil or those who wear it are criminals, but there is wrong behavior on the part of some that was the reason for this.

  • British Council.jpg willing_imagination | Marka Prep. Girls School 2 | Jordan
    06 Apr 2022

    The veiled women in more than one country suffer from unfair discrimination against them, and some countries went to deprive them of studies and work as this phenomenon began to escalate, and some institutions and even hospitals and the official and informal sectors refuse to have veiled women within their professional staff.

  • British Council.jpg optimistic_speech | Sanour Basic Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    11 Apr 2022

    This prejudice must be broken and awareness spread about this issue, it is a violation of women's freedom. This bias is widespread
    When I watched a movie about society's bias towards the veiled girl, I was amazed and researched this topic.
    I've found this bias to be very common
    Women should not remain silent and demand this prejudice be broken through social media, demonstrations, and more.

  • British Council.jpg pioneering_wilddog | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    13 Apr 2022

    In fact, I did not know that before, but in my country Palestine, for a woman to be veiled means that she has chastity and dignity to preserve it, to wear the veil does not mean that there is something wrong to hide, but rather it means that I have something to be proud of, and I want to hide it from people's eyes, that most of the girls in the city (let's say) in which I live wear the veil, and whoever does not wear the veil, everyone says that there is a specific problem that prevents her from that, and also in my country the veiled women are highly praised and elevated in the eyes of people, and Also, one last thing, is that the hijab in my country is a symbol of high morals, and self-esteem. If you wear it, you will be like an angel on earth.

    1. British Council.jpg trusting_pear | Shohour High Public School | Lebanon
      pioneering_wilddog's comment 13 Apr 2022

      You're privileged to be in such country❤👏

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