Brexit is short for british exit and it is a big problem in the uk. A huge debate is going to happen on the 29th March. Most young people voted to stay in the EU but most older people voted to leave. Another debate may happen after the debate on the 29th of March. Some people are changing their minds about their votes on leaving the EU so more votes will be on staying in the EU. MPs are doing lots of work about brexit and democracy if direct democracy happens only MPs will be able to vote but if indirect democracy happens everyone will be able to vote and there will be more votes altogether so it would be harder to win. You can only vote if you are 18 or over if we do leave the european union some countries will be there own countries then we would be able to have more control of our country.

The first referendum happened on the Thursday the 21st June 2016 at the end of that vote nobody could decide who won peterwilding sarted brexit in 2016. Theresamay alowed the referendum to happen in the EU in 2017,there was 211 votes alltogether. Lots of people are saying theresamay dosen't have any controle in local debates at palement.After the debate on the 29th of March if it is a draw there might be no more debates and there will be no result and we will stay in the european union.

Brexit started at 2015 and is still carying on now nobody knows how long brexit will last for and if it will ever end.

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