All important decisions should be decided by direct democracy.


Democracy is when a form of government and Mps or a type or ruler decide decisions for a country and do not let the citizens decide.

Direct democracy is when the citizens themselves decide decisions for their country rather than a representative.

I think that all decisions should be made by direct democracy because if all important decisions were made by democracy than we wouldn’t have a say in anything we do. Government could decide silly things for us,and we would have no say and we would have to do it. But if direct democracy was used for important decisions then we would be able to choose how we live our lives and we would all be happy as we all made the choices ourselves so whatever would happen would be something they decided.

Do you think the same? If you don’t,why?

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    01 Apr 2019

    Don't forget that we HAVE had a bit of a say with indirect democracy (when the government decides for us). We vote for a local MP who represents us in government. So, while we don't directly get to say what happens, we have had some say in the process and someone represents these views.

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