All important decisions should be decided by direct democracy?

Democracy is when the ruler of a country doesn’t make all the decisions by themselves; citizens get to make choices and decisions too and are listened to by the government. Direct democracy is where people themselves make a decision - rather than a representative - such as in a referendum where all people got to say if they wanted to stay or leave the UK.

I do not think that all important decisions should be direct democracy because since 1973, there have only been 11 referendums held in the United Kingdom (UK). I think this shows that it is not easy to do referendums and it will be very difficult to do a referendum every time there is an argument or disagreement on an issue in the UK. We might never agree on issues and it will take a long time so we might never decide on anything.

Recent history - with the EU referendum - shows it is not a good idea to ask the public to make a decision. People were very quick to believe the lies told to them by politicians such as the NHS getting an extra £320 million a week. A poll by Ipsos MORI in June 2016 found that nearly half the British public believed the lie which shows that it is not fair to anyone to have to make decisions when they aren’t correctly informed. Representatives can make better decisions for us with more information and evidence.

A second reason why the EU referendum shows that we should not make important decisions but direct democracy is because it has divided the UK. It is almost 50/50 with people wanting to stay and people wanting to leave. There have been protests and arguments online and socially on what is going to happen and what should happen. This is not good for society because there are more arguments and fights when the decision is made by the people themselves.

In conclusion, direct democracy should not be used for important decisions.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    01 Apr 2019

    I have given you a star for your good reasoning. Well done for explaining and using evidence to support your perspective.
    A question for you -
    If something hasn't worked in the past, is that that a good reason not to try it again? Can you think of any examples to support your point of view?

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