all important decisions should be decided by direct democracy?

Democracy is when the people in the government and lots of eligable members have a say and freedom.Democracy has existed for a long time and it all started in 508bc.Now before i start what is DIRECT DEMOCRACY it's when citezens have a say in what they do for example in political votes,veiws and elections . I support the motion to ensure all descisions that affect society should be made using direct democracy . The recent brexit referendum is an example of direct democracy.My view is important decisions which impact on the society should be debated and understood fully.This enables everyone to help shape and take the demotric way to govern the uk.Be open-minded what is the other side of the argument for example if someone who voted to leave the uk for brexit may say that they chose this because they said that they will make healthcare cheaper and it will make our country a better place but they were not actually going to do anything they said so thats why they have voted if they did know that they were not going to do it and have a vote again they will probally pick to stay in the EU and not to leave because they know about them not going to do the stuff they said they were so thats an reason that some people may of voted to leave.Also another reason they may have voted to leave was because they did not understand that much about it and had not understood how much it would effect Britain and they could possibilly used there vote selfishly and did not think of the other side of the argument for example if they were voting to stay they should think of other people that voted to leave and think why possibily they might of have chosen to leave so they should be open-minded of other opinions.And all important decisions should not be decided by direct democracy because if it was about something that can be VERY IMPORTANT and it could hurt the enviroment and people vote stupidly and they win they have to do it.