All important decisions should be decided by direct democracy


Democracy is when only a group of people(like the government)vote for what they think is best for the town ,city or country.This is mostly because of what people want to do and they should want the best for them and vote against or for the idea.

Direct democracy is when not only a group of people but many people vote for what they want like the bills or money allowances so that it won’t be unfair on them and don’t like the idea.

I think that we shouldn’t all stand for ideas straight away because if something goes wrong they could get the blame because of the idea they gave their local governers,this can make people to not trust you or not want you to say any other ones because of the first time that you gave one.Trust is what everyone wants to get and we should think about our ideas and see the pros and cons into it just to make sure that others will agree with you or give you some advise on what else could be done to upgrade it and show skeptism and open minded ness so you can show your part to the story.

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