Brexit is a huge event in History of Britain. Brexit is estimated to take place on the 29th March 2019.

Why is Brexit happening?

The UK wants to leave the EU because of various reasons like we can make our own rules and laws. Then we can let the court make the final decision.

How many people voted to leave?

More than 51% because then we can deciside things without getting promission. We can take control of our boarders, we can save £300 million a week, chose who migrates and immigrates our country and we can be free to trade with the world.

How many people voted not to leave?

Round about 48% voted not ot leave. This can effect people in many ways. Children in the future will not know the triditions in other countries, transporting food may stop which can cause economic problems.

My thoughts...

I think we should leave because we can be free to do things to our country.We can save money which can help people in the UK. But I also think we should because we can talk to the EU MPs and take our country to another level.

What are your thoughts on Brexit?

Use the question below to help you answer:

why should we change this event?

why shoudn't we change this event?

what are your thoughts?

how might the EU feel about this?

Make sure to use clear evidence!

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