Brexit-Britians biggest life changing vote


Brexit is the biggest life changing vote and people are worried about their lives and the changes or impacts that may occur in their lives.My life your life and other peoples lives are depending on Brexit."The UK’s decision to leave the EU has raised many questions and concerns for employees, employers and policymakers about the impact of Brexit on working life and the economy. As the UK moves through this uncharted territory in the coming months and years, the questions look set to continue". This means that people have many questions in their minds as to what will happen in the future will education hvae and impact,will people's job get imapact because of Brexit.There are many question but they will all get anwsered after the 29th of March.Brexit will have an enourmous impact on education as it will make it harder for students who go outside of the UK to study abroad.As we discuss more about Brexit in our discussions we will hopefully get all the questions anwsered and hopefully we will figure out all the impacts and changes that may occur.

Just to end my writing i will ask a question which I hope I do get anwsers for.

What do you thing are the main impacts or changes which may occur in the future?