Brexit is fraudulent


Brexis is a nationail disgrace, how the government have lied to its people. They want the UK to be a single country, not linked to the European Union for their own gains. This is wrong. Us Britons should stay in the European Union. We should not let the government continue down this road.

It took us 10 years to get into the European Union and now we are leaving so soon. The referendum result has increased anger and mistrust in the government and arguments within families and communities. Having such a close result has led to chaos because, even though Brexit won a majority, it was so small and so close that each side argues that it was or was not enough to seal a victory.

Think abou finances in the UK. Schools are not getting enough funding, the NHS is suffering because of a lack of funding too. Surely all of our focus should be on those, as our future and our safety net, rather than spending all this money on leaving the European Union.

This is why Brexit is a national disgrace and an abomination.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
    12 Mar 2019

    Can you give more facts to support you point of view here?

    How much money has it cost/ will it cost to leave the EU? Will be save money by not being in it too?

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