Brexit or Bray? (Will Britain exit or stay?)


Brexit or Bray? (Britain either exits or stays?)

To begin with, this post will cover: ‘Why do we not have a second referendum?’ And ‘Why does Theresa May have four chances at success?’ This topic is quite controversial, and I would like to hear everyone’s opinions in the comment section!


What is a referendum? A referendum is a vote in which many political parties must plan based on what they believe is correct. (They also must accept the public’s views.)

What is the EU? The EU (Known as the European Union) is the political and economic standard.

Lastly, what is Brexit? Brexit is the removal of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

Firstly, many critics suggest that it would be a disaster to have another referendum as: The government have already proposed that we have a ‘Brexit Vote’, so they suggest that if we ignore the vote, many people will feel unrecognized and they may feel as if the government are not giving anyone suitable options, in fact they may believe that they are trying to focus on what they need rather than the majority. Furthermore, it could be unbeneficial since if we do decide to have a second referendum, we may need to think of the terms of either remaining in the EU or leaving. (-Whilst both options have their pros and cons, many people have their own opinion so it would be difficult to please everyone.) Also, many people argue that analysts are disgraced with the fact that a smaller minority may choose to avoid the democratic result altogether. In addition, many people believe that the European Union will, essentially, interrupt the session (They may not agree with the terms that are made throughout the second referendum.) Lastly, if we have another vote, many people may start to change their minds, (Some people who voted to stay in the EU, may decide that they want to leave due to either prejudices, or they want to change- purely on their own behalf.) Overall, the negative reasons are debatable however statistics prove that most of them would occur if the government decided that this would be the case.Secondly, on a positive note, there are many cases which state that we should have another referendum such as: the second referendum may give undecided voters a chance to secure their decision. (If they were previously undecided, after having the idea of a referendum they may be more likely to make a confident decision.) Then, people may not feel as if they must make a final decision- they could be given another opportunity. Furthermore, it is encouraged that people should have a second chance to vote as some of the media reports are false and people could start to be more cautious. Also, statistics state that the public may not be prepared to accept the terms of the new vote. The second referendum may help the government practice both; indirect and direct democracies. Overall, there are usually more negative points regarding this issue however in many cases the positive comments are as valuable.

Moreover, my second topic will be regarding: ‘Why did Theresa May acquire a fourth chance to prove her point?’ To start with, there are many people who are against her decision of attempting to prove her point, however there are many people who support her and think that her plan is worthy to be carried out throughout England.

Background information about Brexit:

Whilst there are negatives and positives with the referendum, there are similar things with Brexit. The positives and negatives of Brexit involve; the membership fee (The country would, fundamentally, have to try to earn an amount of money without the support of the EU, ) Trade (Whether our imports and exports will still earn a suitable amount of money to keep our economy stable, ) Investment, (whether our country will invest money in our financial services or if we will not have enough.) Finally, jobs in the UK would decrease by three million as, if immigration is low, there would be less competition for jobs as there would be enough people to have jobs.Now, we shall discuss why it may or may not be fair that Theresa May had been given four chances at success, but the referendum only got one chance. Firstly, critics argue that, Theresa May was given more opportunities as Brexit is a debated topic and should be looked at from multiple perspectives. Furthermore, Theresa May had a difficult job in attempting to persuade a variety of MP’S (And the public) to leave the EU, but they all had different opinions, so it was particularly difficult. On the other hand, some statistics show that (even though Brexit is significant) the referendum may have been a more substantial problem. However, it is not entirely up to Theresa May, the government must listen to the public to make their final assumption, (The government must see if the public wants individuals to become the future politicians or if they want the political group.)

To conclude, both topics are provocative, and the majority of the public will always contribute to, both, the laws and the political side of each country. Thank you for reading my article, and I will enjoy seeing your comments below!

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