BREXIT: stay or leave


many people across britan are asking themself weather they want to stay or leave the E.U. Well the only people who this will have a massive impact on later life is us. We are the futer of our land we have big eperiences as most of us students who are on the BNC is year 5 and 6 and most children have learnt about what the corse and effet are and how this can have a massive impact on daily life.

there are reasons for staying such as; we will be able to travelle to other countries with out a higher of payment; buying some of our favourite food like pizza( france) and others. im my oppinion i would prefere to stay as not that long ago it took around 40 years for us to join the E.U but now we have tacken for granted stuff like food and now are leaving after a good experiance.

there are also reasons for leaving: we should be an independadnt country

i belive if we leave everyone will regret it even terisa may as they will loose a lot of our things we take for granted

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    08 Mar 2019

    Thanks for your post! Don't forget that the comments section is the best place to take part in discussions and posts should be kept for things that are totally new - this topic has been covered already by other posts, so please join in there!

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  • Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg faithful_dragonfly | Noel Park Primary School
    15 Mar 2019

    I think we should stay as the value of things will be higher and flights would be more expensive and it would take longer to go to the location for example if there was a flight that was 1h 30min it would be 1h 40 min which is 10min diffrent.

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