Brexit - The Pros and cons.

In this post, I will be sharing the pros and cons of Brexit, and how this will effect lives of normal people. I will also be giving examples of what they mean so they will make it clear.


I have got some positive ideas of what I think Brexit ; and what it will be like.

  • We would have more money.

This is because , right now in the EU,every contry has to pay a a certain amount of money, if we left the EU, we wouldn’t have to take part in this, therefore-it will leave us with more money!

  • Health services and schools would become better.

This is because, if we left we would have more money as explained before, and said by many politicians, most of the money will be spent on schools and health services. So you would get more on health and schools!


I also have some consequences of what could happen after Brexit.

  • More costs on foods like bannas

This will happen because whilst we live in the EU, we take part in the free trade . When we will, this privallige will not be I use. We will need to pay more bills and taxes to eat our everyday foods like bananas, pizzas, and oranges.

  • Travel problems

Travel problems will occur as well. What I mean by this is that people would need a special VISA passport to cross into the EUs countries. This will be difficult to reach family members who may not live in Britain.


Brexit- Short for Britain and Exit. The event where we will leave the EU.

EU- Short for European Union. A group of countries including Poland, France and currently Britain.

Polititians- Somebody who is in the government. They help decide on decisions.

Free trade- An advantage that allows us to trade with countries within the EU.

I hope this post has inspired you. Remember these are only my thoughts so if you have any others, please comment them so we can discus.