Can Brexit have an impact on people around the world?


This post will be about how Brexit can have an impact on the people of the world. As you know, it has been said that if there is a deal, no supplies from the EU will come to Britain any longer in Brexit. But, nearly 1/3 of the food we eat comes from the EU, which could be a problem. If I could relate this to history, it would be WW2. The Germans attacked British supply boats that came from the EU to help us survive .But if another war started in the UK ( like WW3), how could we survive with no EU supplies provided so we can go on? Furthermore, the UK is a multi-cultural country, which means some people might be used to different hings, from Europe. If nothing comes, will the UK still be a multi-cultural place? Also, we all know the stationery brand Staedtler, which many people use to write with, even schools. However, if there is a deal, where will all of the fine pencils and pens come from?

Many people have decided not to leave, since the EU has always been there to back us up. If we leave, who will back us up? Finally, we can't always think about the UK, but the EU itself! Many people can be offended by this, and might think we did this because we dislike them. Obviously, we don't think that. The EU countries might have thought UK was their best pal, but are now leaving. It's like saying you have one of your closest friends, but they leave you alone, and how will you feel? Devastated. That is the end, but below will be some questions we can think about:

  • Are there any good reasons for leaving the EU?
  • Can Brexit be dangerous for us?
  • Why did we want to leave at the first place?

By wise_guava

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