Brexit is the hot topic everywhere now . but the funny part is nobody really realises the consequnces ...

consequences - ( a cynospcisis) consequences are a position of time where when you do something good or bad there will be consequences ,these again could be good or bad lets say when we do leave the EU consquences can be good and bad (good = we can create our own laws and dont have to tag along after other countries EU - and we can do our own trade deals , w can change the prices of our things ) (bad= we might stop having shipments of tropical foods / fruits and they are probably going to stop shipping medical drugs for people with illnesses ! )

and the worst part is people say things like "elderly people are going to die soon why should theyre decisions count the most" AND "theyre gonna be dead soon it doesnt matter what they say" when really theyre the people that need the medical drugs and theyre the people that we love and care about (grandparents or parents) and to know that someone else could be doing something that might even end your loved ones life

yet for the good side there is alot of posotives about ths subject for example : creating our own laws will help us greatly because , alot of people get sick of silly laws that we dont even agree on and its a shame really that some people get arrested for the stupidest things when if we create our own laws this wont be the case !

personally im not glad that we are leaving the EU because , when hearing about loosing valuble items we take for granted it really can scare you a bit , it doesnt actually scare me to much but im scared of loosing my elderly family because of no medical drugs . Im scared of running out of fruit but although im not physically scared I am mentally scared from the after - effects of what will happen and when being tormented like that you cant decide and personally I think that children should have a say in this even if its 5% of the option we should all get our opinions in on what is happening I dont actually want us to leave because of the reasons i have committed to

by the time your reading this we could have alrady left the EU but if we havent already ( probably not ) please comment what you want to do , why and whose vote should count more - younger people or older people ? and finally add a good and bad CONSEQUENCE about what happens if we do leave or we end up staying

thankyou for reading

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