Could the descussion over BREXIT pull some people apart


I am realy enjoying doing this descosion but it has just occourd to me could this pull people's friendships apart (not specificly in bernet news club but in genral) because the vote was so close it has brought about a rift in many familys over th edesosion over leave or stay. Some people who voted for remain have said that the reason they wanted to leave was so we didn't have to follow their rules so we could make all of our own laws, as much as I may disergree with this point it has to be taken into consideration and I for one done some pondering on how many laws would change but their are also other points for remain that I believe stonger thatn the one I have just stated and that is imigration though some augue it better because it means you can easly go from one contrie to another others may say finacialy it's a bigger issue because it means that people from other contries can easly travel to britain meaning we need to make more jobs for people and though it will mean some compernies will loose employees it, in the long run, will be more benaficial. On the other hand some people say to remain and I can fully understand some of their reasons, such as: easy trade, meaning if we leave the EU prices will drarasticlly rise for all items being imported from one of the biggest things we rely on for trade the EU, another point is just plainly the NHS, yet another reason to remain is for finacial sucuraty and it would be easeir to run family buisness/ your buisness wold be more sucure.

please give me your oppinions tell me would you stay or leave and are there any points I mist reply to me if you find any so I can add them if I write a similar post.

P.S. forgive me for the spelling errors, theres quite afew of them.

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