Deal or No deal


Brexit has come far in the U.K it all started on the onth June and still has come to this day.What is happening with Brexit a the moment? That question would be hard to answer . Why? Nobody knows are we going to leave with a deal or no deal.Even Tharesa May is stuck no deal means no trading to other EU Countries. Now we stuck no trade is a problem we will have less food and less food will mean more hunger. What do you think is going to happpen are we going to get a deal or no deal?

Comments (2)

  • Portobello-logo-250x250.jpg honorable_penguin | Portobello High School
    01 Apr 2019

    NO DEAL because they are never going to be happy with the disition there is always going to at least one person that isn’t going be happy with the end result!!

  • Foxfield-logo-250x250.jpg jocular_dragonfruit | Foxfield Primary School
    13 Apr 2019

    I think a deal so we can have something to do or if we have a NO Deal we stuck of trading and we might have less foood to eat. So I think you should rethink that question in your head?

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