Decisions should not be decided by direct democracy if it is going to affect society.


Today, I will be debating that all decisions made that affect society should NOT be decided by direct democracy.

Before I begin, direct democracy means when the public can vote on whether a decision made by the government should be allowed unless they are younger than 18.

The reason for my point of view is because citizens have often chosen the wrong decisions. For example, Theresa May has been voted to keep England peaceful. Though, in the end, she has been proven to exaggerate and lie about things she will do in order to become prime-minister. For example, Theresa May has once said in 2011 “There was an illegal immigrant who cannot be deported because, and I am not making this up, he had a pet cat” but the Royal Courts of Justice has said that she was simply saying random lies. “Do you remember a few years ago when she said that a criminal wasn’t deported under human rights provisions because they had a cat? It turned out to be completely untrue,” a worker there has said.

This is why I believe that all decisions that affect society should NOT be decided by direct democracy because you can fall for endless lies and fall for the consequences. Do YOU want to be the reason for a new crisis and the downfall of your community?

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