Democracy, decision-making and the impact of Brexit.


What is decision-making and how it links to Brexit?

Decision-making is when you make a decision using many choices related to subject you have to make a decision on.Decision-making is linked to Brexit becase Prime minister Theresa May had to make a decision wheter or not we should leave the EU(European Union).Mrs May could not make that decision herself so she held a vote and got our opininon on this subject.After the votes had taken place we made the decision as a country to leave the Union.Decision-making clearly links to Brexit as we made a decision by two options and came to the final decision that we should leave the EU.


"The definition of democracy is a form of government in which the common people hold political power and can rule either directly or through elected representatives."Democracy is a way of making choices but with the help of the public like the public gets to vote on what they think is right and what the country needs to include.For example we have votes which choose our local MP(Member of Parliment) and we also recently had a vote on wether or not we should leave the EU or not.Democracy is a chance for the public to have their say or have their voice being heard.

The impact of Brexit today

After the vote most people we should leave the EU but now things are changing and people have changed their minds.Now the people are protesting and going round the city and country tellin Prime Minister May to change the vote and not leave the EU. People are starting to go against Mrs May and now want to stay in the Eu but they voted leave when the vote was being held.I think that when most of the people did not care when tey voted to leave the EU but they found out the concicoences after they voted to leave the EU which turned out to be a big deal for them and a big problem that the people want to solve but unfortuanetly don't have the power to.

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