Direct and indirect democracy


It's hard to decide which of the to types of democracy is best as there are pros and cons to both types of democracy.

The pros to indirect democracy: The MPs know everything about the situation of most relevance. This is because it is literally their job to do so.

The cons of indirect democracy: We are in the dark for most of the desigions they make for example Brexit. We don't know what the deal is, why the Mps hate the deal and why Theresa May is still in charge.

The pros of direct democracy: With direct democracy you can decide what happens and thieraren't any corrupt politicians to change the results.

The cons of direct democracy: Direct democracy can be bad as the majority of votes could lead to a mistake etc: Britian leaving the Europian Union, Donald Trump being in the white house.

I personally think they should de classify all politcal papers but keep the normal sytsem.

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