Direct Democracy


What is direct democracy?

Direct democracy is when everyone gets to have a say and submit on what they prefer. Direct democracy was made in the Ancient Greek times. It is just all about to be fair and let everyone have like a little voice but with a vote. Did you know that direct democracy can be also called ' pure democracy'?

Examples of direct democracy

A example of direct democracy was in England when everyone had to vote on if they wanted to leave or stay in the EU ( European Union). As we already know, the vote was really close with 48.1% people voting to stay and 51.9% against it. What would you choose, leave or stay in the EU? I would choose to stay in the EU because if the prices go up then we would have to work harder than ever to earn some money. You were only allowed to vote if you were 18 years old or over. It is now a hard decision because the other MP's say that they don't agree with Theresa May ( priminister of the UK) and now they have changed the date but Brexit might not even happen anymore with all of the trouble that is happening with the MP's not deciding what is really going to happen.


  • What do you feel about the vote that happened in 2016?
  • Do you think that it is fair that people come from different countries and use money?
  • Would you rather have votes decided by the MP's or other people?
  • Do you prefer direct or indirect democracy?
  • Do you think that Brexit should be forgotten?
  • Do you think that Theresa May is doing a good job as a priminister with Brexit?
  • Are you shocked about that adults voted more to leave and younger to stay?
  • How do you feel about Brexit?
  • Were you thinking that a vote will come along with all of the complains with other people?
  • Should we leave or stay in the EU?
  • Do you think that Brexit would ever happen?

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