Direct Democracy - Final Piece

I think that the decisions made by the government should also be made by the people which is direct democrcracy. I belive everyone should have a say and when people protest - for example the People's March for a second referendum on Sunday 23rd of March 2019 - the government should listen and take what people say seriously. Although, sometimes the public don't understand what is going on, so they don't make the right democratic decision. For example, when the 2016 referendum occured, most people had no idea what it was for, what it was about or what the consequences would be. Members of the public were just guessing, making uninformed decisions with their votes and lots of people ended up regreting their desicions.

What I mean by this is that sometimes it is better for the government to decide what is going on and which decisions to make. Just like how now the government is deciding whether to have an another referendum or our Brexit deal or a no deal with the European Union [EU]. However, the MPs in the House of Commons are stuggling to decide what to do with our Brexit negotiations as no deal has won a majority vote, which is prolonged us leaving the EU.

Therefore, in my opinion I believe it really does depend on what the situation is because sometimes it better to use direct democracy and sometimes it is better to use indirect democracy. With Brexit, I believe that there should be a second referendum as indirect democracy is not working at the moment and after years of negotations the people are more informed about the pros and cons of leaving the EU and will hopefully be more considerate about society than themselves.