Direct Democracy or Indirect Democracy? {speech}


Direct democracy. A vote for the people. Direct democracy is when everyone over the age of 18 is given a poll card to vote for something that impacts the whole country, and right now, most of these votes are about Brexit. So why didn’t we get to vote on some of those? That’s because not all votes were direct democracy - those votes were indirect democracy. Votes that only Government vote on. But, should these be votes that we get a say in or not?

I believe that all decisions should be made by the government, because they have spent their whole lives studying politics. They have all the right exceptional qualifications; they know all the right people involved; they got this job for a reason. Granted, some of them don’t look like or act like they do, but they do know what they are doing... more or less.

On the other hand, I, for one, had no idea what Brexit was until only very recently in around January and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. Therefore, I believe that all the votes on Brexit should be and should have been indirect democracy – the public know nothing.

Before the vote to leave the EU, all I knew about it was that it was a club. A club with friends in, good trade and quick holidays journeys. So, I didn’t want to leave. But some people were only told that if we eave, we get more money because it is not spent on people in the EU. Therefore, if you had heard one side, you would've wanted to stay. And if you'd heard the other, you’d have wanted to leave. The country was split. Most the government wanted to stay because they knew what lay ahead if we had to leave. David Cameron knew this, so resigned immediately, so now the job lands on Theresa May.

If the government had had their say instead of ours, I might not even have to be writing this speech in the first place. So, in conclusion, I think it is best for indirect democracy, especially regarding Brexit, but if not... the public have a right to be informed of what they are actually voting for.

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