Direct democracy or indirect democracy?🤔🙋🏼‍♀️


Indirect and direct democracy should both be used. In some occasions I indirect democracy should be used as it is impossible to get everyone voting for every single thing, like pollution levels. But in other occasions direct democracy is better for bigger decisions as some decisions will affect everyone, like the decision of brexit happening or not.

Direct democracy is good as most MP’s are mostly middle aged and don’t understand views of younger people from the 21st scentury. People that are young don’t really have a MP that will understand will understand their views, and beliefs. This dosent allow young people to have a MP wich has their views which is unfair to them, as they dont get to decide most decisions.

Also some MP’s dont decide what the citizens voted for, they decide something completely different whih makes people angry. This is not fair as people voted for one thing and they get another. This is like what is happening with Brexit, some people feel like they voted for one thing and they are reciveing another.

So direct democracy provides people to vote for every decision and is complettely fair, as decisions are all made by citizens. This allows people who dont follow any of the MP’s beliefs, they dont have to vote for someone they dont like. Which

Indirect democracy is good as people do not need to vote for every single decision as this is not relevant for everyone, people wont want to vote for a small decision only people who really care.

Overall I believe Direct democracy is more affective as lime this everyone can decide on decisions and everything an be complpetley fair.


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