Direct or indirect democracy, that is the question.

I think direct democracy is the best solution because it is always good to let everyone vote, have an oppinion and voice. The presidents and MPs are soposed to help us and our country to be better and emprove, so if they want to help us to do what we need in our lives they shoud let US vote so they know what we think about their ideas and if we want them. In direct democracy it involves people in society wich is very GREAT!

For example in 2016 brexit referendum, everyone got to have a vote and the UK voted to leave the EU. Before this, the `leave´ side had felt ignored by the polititians.

This example shows us that if the polititians were the only ones voteing there would not be wanting to leave but by asking all the country`s oppinion there IS a posibility they are leaving and there is brexit.✔😁

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