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In our BNC session this week, we were asked questions and we had to answer in a way as if we were giving a speech. The first one was if we think we should have direct or indirect democracy, based onthe statement we were given: All desisions that affect the society should be decided by direct democracy. I aggree with this because...

Direct democracy is when everybody, unless you are under the age of eighteen, is allowed to vote; this allows everybody's opinions to be accepted and valued fairly within the political industry. I support this motion because if it's the community that is being affected by the results of the argument, it is fair to say that the people have the right to express what they want to change or happen to make the econamy better- as it's their home they want to protect. We've seen this happen when the referendum or Brexit happened. A referendum is a political question that the public can answer by voting in polling stations. This shows direct democracy because everyone has the chance to have a say in he decision- which is a direct decision.

Due to Brexit, Britain has been hugely affected by the actions of political people: David Cameron for example, as he was the one that called the referendum in the first place but probably didn't know it would be this hard to leave the EU. We have all lived through the mistakes that have been made in parliament. If we deserve anything we deserve an opinion and a voice: we now know the risks of Brexit and what Britain had to do to get where we are today, and people's thought on if we should stay or leave might've changed because we now know that some of the things politicians promised would happen if we left isn't true (for example they said that the NHS would get more money but they haven't). We didn't know what the consequences of Brexit were at first- except maybe politicians- and I believe instead of parliament deciding everything in court (indirect democracy) we should have direct, and maybe have another referendum to if we want to leave or stay the EU. In addition, just because the results in parliament were stated doesn't mean everyone else agrees with them. To back up my points, a Brexit petition was held online to if we want to stay in the EU, which has exceeded more that 5,000,000 signatures. This shows that a lot of people's opinions probably changed since we now know what the risks of Brexit are, pros and cons; and how they have affected Britian in a good and bad way.

An example of direct democracy around the world is that, in ancient time, Athens excluded women, slaves and foreigners from voting, their system required everyone to vote on the major issues that was going on back then. The first part isn't direct democracy because not everyone is voting, which isn't fair as everyone's opinions should be shared and accepted, but the last part is as everyone's opinions were put into action because they were shared, used, valued and accepted. If everyone's opinion is accepted, voting would be a lot easier and we would be able to decide easier.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
    26 Mar 2019

    Hi steadfast_moon,

    We've given this post a star because you've used your knowledge from different sessions to help support your opinion. When you use the petition as evidence for the British public opinion, this makes your argument stronger. Well done!

    People might say to you that you can't keep having vote after vote in case people have changed their mind and that a second referendum would be ignoring the 'will of the people' from 2016. How might people who say that they DID understand the consequences of leaving feel if there was a second referendum?

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  • John-Ray-logo-250x250.jpg fiery_clarinet | John Ray Junior School
    29 Mar 2019

    Why don’t people under the age of eighteen can’t vote because there will be more choices and votes.

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  • Arnhem-Wharf-logo-250x250.jpg quiet_horse | Arnhem Wharf Primary School
    31 Mar 2019

    We need to have another referendum because from 2016 there has been hundreds of citizens that can now vote. They have just been told they are legally aloud to vote and many of them what to have their say in Brexit. Having a public vote can clarify whether we should follow Theresa May or not. The new voters probably have millions of points and arguments bursting in their head but they can’t do anything about it. It’s not just them, it’s the people of the public too! They all want to vote as well! They have no right to be shut out in the dark. This last vote can show everyone what the public wants. Like steadfast_moon has said that we can’t keep having vote after vote but all we need is this vote so the public don’t think that their being shut out in the dark from making decisions for their country.

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  • Foxfield-logo-250x250.jpg extraordinary_king | Foxfield Primary School
    04 Apr 2019

    This is mainly the answer because after a referendum it mostly effect the public.So the public will know what is best for them.

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