Do we want war?

In Ireland, there used to be a lot of wars. And now , the two parts are split up. But do we want war again?

Im speaking of this, because of Brexit. The two parts of Ireland are called Northen-which is part of the UK- and Southern Ireland- the part belonging to the EU. They made a promise never to build a border after their war;which got many people killed and set of a bomb in warrington!


  • How do we solve this problem ?
  • Should we build a border?
  • If we leave, we need a border, should we leave?
  • Do we need another war!
  • How will this affect leves?

I hope I have inspired you. I’m very curious to see what this means!

Will we be able to build a border?

I thought this because southern ireland isn’t part of the uk, so we can’t build a border crossing into it if we aren’t part of the EU?

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