Final Piece


I believe that all decisions that affect society should be decided by direct democracy because it is up to us to decide what we want for ourselves; we are old enough and mature enough to make decisions. When we are young, we have people making choices for us and deciding what we should and should not do; this is smart because as children we are not proven to do what's best for everyone, we tend to be selfish or even stupid when making big choices. However, we are not babies anymore, we should not let government change our lives without an input from us. Every decision that is made should be done by vote, because the choices the parliament may be making will cause the county to be angry as they deserve an input on what to do with the place they live in; it's as much our country as it is the parliament/Teresa May’s.

Surely people of the 20th century want independence and choice when it comes to running the place. It is no longer the 1900, we have a choice on what we want to do and that should not change this year. You may say the PR minister knows best because of their profession and history with politics, but I strongly disagree. Everything involving our country being in risk or having a great opportunity should be up to the country itself. We are England, us inside of it make up England, if we weren't here there would be no country run by anyone and the Politics would have nothing to do! And there's my point, we are England we should make decisions about our country!

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