Final Piece


This motion states that all decisions that affect society should by direct democracy, which means that everyone gets their say (direct democracy).

I oppose this motion because the public aren’t as intelligent as the experienced (MPs). What I mean by this is that politicians have been in University, studying politics day by day. To get into the Houses of Parliament, they MUST have understood all the sections of democracy. Others may say that they don’t want an unhappy society, however I think that democracy is like parenting. The parents (MPs) know what is best for the kids (public). The Parents want children to have a better future. Do you want your children to be like the brats who get what they want, which is the wrong thing? That’s how Brexit started. David Cameron let them choose. We could have money if it weren’t for the Iceland incident, when Iceland owed Britain and Holland and let the Icelandic citizens decide whether they'd pay or not. If you want the public to have the best, let indirect democracy lead the way.